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At Fetch! Pet Care we believe in a safe and happy world where pets get their way every day. This means enabling your pet to live life to its fullest. So even if you’re away, with Fetch! Pet Care, your pet can still play! We believe a pet needs regular exercise in order to be happy and healthy, so we have designed a range of services to meet the varied needs of dogs and cats.

We also believe that your pet should be in a “free range”, stress-free environment with one-on-one care, which is why we provide in-home pet sitting where your pet will be free of the physical and emotional stress of a kennel, boarding or daycare facility or a “dog hotel”. So, when you’re away you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your pets can stay in the safety and comfort of your home and maintain their normal routine.

We believe finding a reliable, professional pet sitter should be easy. So we match your pet with a professional pet sitter who is a highly experienced animal lover who is background checked, insured and comes with glowing reviews. We also assign a back-up sitter just in case anything comes up we’ll have your tail covered!



A safe and happy world where pets thrive.



  • Reliable
  • Convenient
  • Trustworthy
  • Caring & Compassionate
  • Communication
  • Engaged


To provide premier pet care for pet owners who insist on the best for their cats and dogs.

Provider Comparison

Despite conventional thinking, all pet care services are not alike.

While quite reputable providers exist in all categories listed below, many fall short of the mark. Make sure you do your homework to ensure you get the professional care you and your pets deserve. Consider this representative comparison of Fetch! Pet Care with other typical pet care options:

Fetch! Pet Care Independent Sitters Friends, Family & Neighbors Dog Hotels, Kennels, Day Care & Boarding Facilities Online Pet Sitting Directories
Wide Variety of in-home pet services
"Free-range" home environment
Low risk of disease transmission
Low risk of trauma to pet
Free in-home consultation
Expert service provided
Satisfaction guarantee

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Fetch! Pet Care Independent Sitters Friends, Family & Neighbors Dog Hotels, Kennels, Day Care & Boarding Facilities Online Pet Sitting Directories
Large staff always available
Emergency backup sitters
Highly experienced staff
Staff criminal background checks performed
Bonded and insured
Glowing reviews provided on each sitter

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Fetch! Pet Care Independent Sitters Friends, Family & Neighbors Dog Hotels, Kennels, Day Care & Boarding Facilities Online Pet Sitting Directories
Full service concierge matching with ideal sitter
Online reservations
24/7/365 availability
Report card after each service
Text/phone updates on your pet during service
Credit card payments accepted
Key security program enforced

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What Makes Us Different

There are many, many ways that Fetch! Pet Care is different than other pet sitting, dog walking, doggie daycare or dog boarding facilities. Our sheer love and enthusiasm for your pets are just the starters - and in our passion for your pets, we embrace:


We take the time and hassle out of finding the perfect sitter. Just call, email or submit an online request for service, and one of our Pet Care Coordinators will do all the work for you by personally matching a caring, skilled professional from our large network of sitters who your pet will love.

Peace of Mind

Confidently leave your pet with us with the assurance that your sitter is bonded, insured, background checked, come with glowing reviews and have a back-up sitter on call. In addition, our local managers view client feedback surveys in real-time to ensure the highest level of service.

Qualified & Caring Pet Sitters

Fetch! pet sitters are highly experienced animals lovers who really, really get what your pets need – love and attention! We maintain a large network of sitters, so we are able to match your pet with a caring professional who best fits their personality and needs.

Availability & Coverage

With locations across the country and thousands of professional sitters who service Fetch! clients and pets, we’re always available whenever and wherever you need us - even during those all-important holidays. As the nation’s largest pet care provider you can find a Fetch! Pet Care sitter in your hometown or at your travel destination. That means you get quality pet care no matter where you are!

Free In-Home Consultation

We believe that you and your pet should feel comfortable with your sitter. That’s why we offer a free in-home consultation before your first service begins for everyone to get to know each other. This way, there is never a stranger with your pet - just a new friend!

We'll Keep In Touch

We believe it’s important that you know what’s happening with your pet while you're away. To keep you in the know, our sitters will call you, send text messages and leave behind "pet report cards" that detail how your loved ones are doing. So, this way we can share the smiles, wags, and happy dances with you!

Glowing Reputation

With tens of thousands of satisfied clients nationwide, we've earned a solid reputation as the most trusted and reliable pet care service in the country. We survey all of our clients after their service to ensure that we have exceeded their expectations. Ask us for our glowing references or check them out for yourself online!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We assure your satisfaction and will make it right if for any reason you are dissatisfied. Guaranteed. Period.

Here's what pet owners have to say about Fetch! Pet Care...

“I like that I got to meet the dog walker who is walking my dog daily and consult with her. I also appreciate the daily communication I get about the walk and how my dog is doing.” – K.D.

“The services Fetch! provides are top notch. My beagle gets a daily walk while I am at work and when traveling they take care of my two cats. I can always count on them! It is clear that they have a formed a bond with pets.” – J.N.

"It was hard to find a pet sitter to give my diabetic cat her insulin injections. Sara is great! The cats love her and don’t get mad at me for being gone; any cat owner will tell you that is a really big deal!" – J.S.

"I love the new app! I get a personal note and picture every day that brightens my day!"– L.S.

"Fetch! is a wonderful service with caring, diligent employees who care about their customers and furry friends alike. My boys love their walkers, Barb and Casey, and the new app makes it easy to see their photos, map of their walk, and details such as if they saw critters or got their water changed. I love my Fetch! team!"– J.B.

I've been using Fetch for several years now and am consistently happy with my experience. Fetch is a company that I trust with my dog and access to my home. My walker clearly cares about my pet and I know I have nothing to worry about while I was gone. – V.C.

"My pups love their Fetch! humans! It is easy to set up regular walks/playtime for my dogs. They set up an initial meeting before beginning service and you always get a report afterwards via the app (usually accompanied by photos of smiling pups). It's so nice to know that I don't have to rush home from work to let them out and that they've gotten plenty of exercise and fun!"– J.E.

"Our cat missed us ... but not very much since she was receiving regular visits from her new friend. She didn't lose any weight and looks great! She also stayed on her medication schedule - an important aspect of life for a senior cat."– J.B.

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