Meet the Fetch Pet Care Alexandria Team

Meet Our Team

Browse the pictures and profiles of our professional, reliable, and loving pet sitting and dog walking team!

Tracey C

Woof and Meow! My name is Tracey, and I’ve loved and adored pets my entire life. I grew up with many cats and large breed dogs - labs and boxers. A true “cat lady” at heart, I currently share my home with two orange tabbies, Ace and Blaze. I get such enjoyment spending time with all animals both big and small. Learning an animal’s personality and being able to form a bond with our four-legged friends is something I treasure.

Traci P

Hi! My name is Traci. Growing up, our house was affectionately known as "the zoo" or the "stray magnet". There were always dogs and cats around. One of my favorite childhood photos is me sitting in my crib with our yellow lab puppy, Ginger. We currently have a British Shorthair cat, Baron of Lords, who we rescued from our vet's office in England. We also have a Dalmation mix rescue dog, Sadie, who we adopted shortly after we moved here. How can you live in Old Town without a dog, right?! :)

Rachel H

I was raised in a dog pack and have photo albums full of baby-sleeping-atop-dogs to prove it! I was raised with a cocker spaniel and Beagle and now my mom has another spaniel and my father, a beagle. I'm partial to dogs but I connect with cats, birds and ferrets too. After being with Fetch! for 6 years, I can say that this vocation is the most rewarding one I've ever pursued. I work hard to please my furry clients and bring peace of mind to their owners. My passion for this job shines!

Julie G

I love all Labs, in fact I think Lab mixes make some of the best pets. Since working for Fetch! of Alexandria I have become increasingly enamored by the so called "bully" breeds. I have walked and cared for some beautiful Boxers, Pit mixes, Rottweilers and Staffordshire Terriers. Working with pets is like being the favorite Aunt. I get to enjoy all of the positive aspects of pet ownership with my client's pets. I also love the exercise. Did you know I walk 10,000 - 15,000 steps a day walking dogs?

Jamie D

Growing up, pets have always been a part of my life. My first best friend was Charlotte the St. Bernard and Marley the Shih-Tzu has been my partner in crime since my 16th birthday! While I’ve mostly had smaller dogs in my household, I have a soft spot for the larger breeds. Dobermans and Rottweilers are my favorite! I enjoy working with pets during the day because it gets me outside and active while providing clients with reliable support and service to make sure their furry loved ones live their best happy and healthy lifestyles as well. There’s no such thing as too much love for our cats and dogs!

Ed C

I grew up with a Chow mix named Chachi who protected me against my older brothers. My second dog was an Akita named Willow who would bring us dinner out of our yard. While this was a sweet gesture, I've never developed the taste for moles. My current dog is a sweetheart Saint Bernard. His name was originally Hieronymus which is a pretty terrible name for a dog. His foster family called him Hero, and he obviously had never done anything heroic in his life. So we named him after a sandwich, Gyro :-)

Chris H

Hello! I am one of those rare native Northern Virginians who lived most of my childhood in South Arlington. I grew up with "hundreds of cats, thousands of cats" and while I do adore them, I completely love dogs as well! Our pets love us unconditionally and enrich our lives beyond measure. When I am caring for your four-legger, I will give them the same love and attention that I would wish for my own pets.

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