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So I don't usually do reviews, but wanted to share that Fetch has been a lifesaver. I love the website/app interface, and I love seeing the route they took with my dog. Very reliable, communicative, and they've been nothing but great with my dog!
David Patterson, January 2021
I have used their service for boarding and will NEVER go anywhere else! My dogs are well cared for and loved while there. Both of my dogs are seniors. As a nurse we have adopted dogs with some medical issues and I do not have to worry if they are getting their medication. The girls love to go for walks and I love getting pictures! I know if there are any questions I will be contacted and for me that is hugely important. I also have my cats fed, watered & litter cleaned while I’m out of town. My boys love their visits and extra treats. I get notified if one of them was hiding during the visit and if they came out during the next visit. 100% recommended!!!
S.S., 11/4/2020
I enjoyed the thoughtful, kind and responsive service. I would recommend Fetch! Pet to a friend.
Suzie Zick, December 2020
Fetch pet care was responsive and able to provide me with a reliable cat sitter at the lat minute. I loved getting the daily updates and photos.
JK, January 19, 2022

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