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Barbara identifies with all kinds of dogs. "They have a playful and affectionate nature."


Christy identifies with any breed that "is loyal and friendly!"


Johnny identifies with "the Afghan Hounds because they are courageous, dignified, spirited, very sweet, loyal, affectionate and sensitive. And on the cat side, I really love the strength, substance, grace and agility of the Egyptian Mau."


Kelly identifies with the Australian Shepherd. "I have had two Aussie rescues and I am a big fan of the breed. I admire and identify with them because they are intelligent, tenacious and always ready to work, or have fun."


Mindy identifies with the Doberman Pinscher. "I have raised Dobies from puppydom. They are crazy smart, quickly housebroken and very entertaining. A Dobie's athleticism shows when running and whenever it decides to go air bound with gymnastic spirals and ballet leaps. Dobermans have a reputation of being aggressive, but a good handler will soon have a dog with a powerful bark without the bite. The Doberman Pinscher has many traits that I personally value."


Rachel identifies with all mutts/mixed breed dogs. "They have the best personalities, are loyal to their owners and all they want is to love and be loved."


Sarah identifies with the Rhodesian Ridgeback. "I like that they are independent and stubborn."

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