10 costume ideas for your dog and where to buy them

Publisher’s note: Fetch! Pet Care does not have any corporate sponsorships from any costume designers. We just thought these were cute and hilarious. 😂

1. The Artist looking for his food dish.


This painter pup seems like he’d come with a  French baguette. But the reality is that he’d eat it before he brought it to you.

2. The elephant on the rear end


Blissfully unaware that their tail doubles as a nose, your pup will be completely content and unaware that he was dressed like an elephant that lacks the ability to walk forward.

3. The terror terrier


Too cute to be scary. Even with a knife, this dog will make you want to snuggle. Heat up the popcorn, because it’s a movie night!

4. The Lion Retriever


You’ll be able to take Pride in this costume. Your neighbors will be doing a double take when they see a little lion running around your backyard.

5. The Labrador from the mail store


UPS has been contracting out recently. 50% of their staff is now paid in ear scratches and belly rubs. On a related note, 50% of all UPS packages have been showing up on time!

6. The postman that won’t be chased


Similarly, the United States Postal Service has moved forward with their effort to manage dog and mail carrier relations by hiring dogs as mail carriers. The USPS has a seen a 27% reduction in mail carrier chasings.

7. The Poodle who fights Zuul


Winston, Ray, Peter, Egon & Milo. Slimer and Milo are best friends. Need I say more?

8. The dog found in the upside down


The Demodogs have escaped from the Upside Down and they’re looking for treats!!! But please don’t feed them Nougat because it is incredibly poisonous to them.

9. The Ewok looking for a short walk


Do you remember how the Ewoks of Endor used spears and archery equipment to take down the forces of the technologically superior Galactic Empire? With that kind of skill, you’d hope your Ewok-dog would be able to let themselves out to go potty as well.

10. The long snout that hulks out


It might be hard to tell whether your dog has super-strength or if he’s going to be feeding you green beans. One of those characters is green and angry while they other is green and jolly… So it probably depends on how your dog is feeling after you put this costume on him.