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DIY Halloween Treats for 4-legged Trick-Or-Treaters

October 30, 2014

On Halloween, you’re sure to see some 4-legged tick-or-treators on your doorstep next to children. So, why not be prepared by having a batch of freshly made treats by your...

Nick Ares

Why Dogs Sniff Each Other & More — This Week on Pets Weekly

October 27, 2014

Pets Weekly is a series that highlights valuable headlines from around the web: From health tips, events, humor and more. We’ve got your tail covered!  In this issue of Pets...

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This cat does not trust a lemon – not one bit. Lemons are suspicious.

October 26, 2014

Lemons may appear to be fairly harmless to the rest of us, but when it comes to this little kitty, lemons are not to be trusted. In the above video — posted...

Alain Picard

Corgi Puppy – Playtime

October 20, 2014

This Corgi puppy, Maya, thinks it’s time to celebrate Halloween already. Watch the cuteness and share with your friends.

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Halloween Pet Safety

October 14, 2014

Halloween is just around the corner. While we were putting up pumpkin lights around the garage and decorating the house with cobwebs we started chatting about how to keep our...