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Eddy Van 3000

Red Solo Cups and Baby Bulldogs [Video]

January 22, 2015

Baby bulldogs — what would be cuter? These tiny puppies can be no older than a few weeks and they are clearly playing with red solo cups. I guess that...

LuAnn Snawder Photography

What My Vet Wishes You Knew

January 16, 2015

While in my veterinarian’s office the other day, we started talking. She mentioned that there were so many things that most veterinarians wished that their clients knew. She believes that...

Sheila Sund

Setting Us Up for Success in 2015

January 8, 2015

After the fun and frivolity of the holiday, I feel the guilt over the extra pounds, extra couch time, and extra fun. I feel extra pressure to set some goals...

Jörg Schubert (2)

Bath Time Heaven: Barry the Pug in the tub.

January 6, 2015

My dogs know when it is bath time way before I even setup the bath. They scatter and hide. A task that usually takes a few minutes becomes an ordeal...