2016 Wasn’t So Bad! Here’s 7 Stories to Prove it!

December 19, 2016

2016, faith in humanity, stories, cat, dog

2016 is officially dubbed the worst year in history across all social media platforms. Yes, there were epic amounts of horrendous things that happened, but maybe we’re overlooking all the good stuff that occurred. Even just the simple, feel good, stories that warm your heart. Check it out for yourself! 2016 wasn’t so bad!

1. When this girl accidentally found her cat.

2016, faith in humanity, animals, cat, stories


2. When this woman saved a dog from a flood. And with a smile!

2016, faith in humanity, animals, dog


3. When this officer restored our faith in the police community. Thanks, we really needed that this year!

2016, faith in humanity, stories


4. When this kid was braver than most grown ups.

2016, faith in humanity, stories


5. When this unlikely duo proved that all you need is love.

2016, faith in humanity, animals, stories


6. When this pair of birds were more photogenic than most people.

2016, faith in humanity, animals


7. When this man proved that the whole “man’s best friend” deal wasn’t totally one sided.

2016, faith in humanity, animals, dog


Did this restore your faith in humanity? Even just a little? We’re sure there’s tons of amazing things that have happened during 2016. Please, let’s spread the positive vibes, comment and share a story if you have one!


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