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7 of the Most Popular Cat Related Twitter Accounts

November 8, 2016

  Cat lovers, come hither and meet with your fellow enthusiasts. Like most feline fanatics, we love to watch endless cat videos, gaze at pictures, and share the furry cuteness....

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Popular Twitter Accounts You should Follow by Dog Breed

November 8, 2016

  Twitter is full of accounts related to pets and pet owners. Some are good, some are…not so good. But if you’re a major dog lover and would love to...

Dog Laying On His Back

How to Treat Bull Dog Acne at Home

November 6, 2016

  Any owner of a bullie knows that the dreaded bull dog acne comes hand in hand with the breed. This can present itself as tiny pimples on the chin,...

Close Up Of Jack Russell Terrier Dog Exited By Chewing An Oversize Bone

Can Dogs Eat Lamb Bones and What are the Risks?

November 5, 2016

It’s a widely known fact that dogs love their bones. They salivate at the site of them and just love to drag one off to a quiet place and gnaw...