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His big smile says it all! Photo credit: ALL_CAPS

7 adorable photos of pets having the best birthday ever

May 31, 2017

Our pets are our family, and just like any other member of the family, our pets’ birthdays are often celebrated in style. From party hats, to birthday cakes, celebratory décor...

Pups in the Park

Fetch! Pet Care Franchises Collaborate with The Washington Nationals, Budweiser, & Humane Rescue Alliance for a Successful 2017 ‘Pups in the Park’ Fundraising Event

May 30, 2017

It wouldn’t be a perfect summer without two things: baseball and man’s best friend. Back by “pup”ular demand, Fetch! Pet Care Alexandria, Rockville-Gaithersburg, Silver Spring, and Fetch! Pet Care servicing...


Is It Fido-friendly? 47 Foods & Plants That Are Toxic To Dogs and What To Do Should Your Dog Ingest Something Toxic

May 17, 2017

There was a time when we as pet parents weren’t quite sure what was healthy and not-so healthy for our dogs. However, that has all changed since science has taken...

dog's bedtime prayer

A Dog’s Bedtime Prayer

May 16, 2017

This could not be anymore fitting should your dog have a bedtime prayer (and he/she probably does)! If this made you smile, don’t forget to share! A Dog’s Bedtime Prayer...

moving with pets

A Step-By-Step Guide To Moving With Kids And Pets

May 11, 2017

Disrupting routines can cause stress and pressure. This is especially true when you’re an animal, or a small child who doesn’t understand why life is changing. Feeling scared can be...