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The Best of The Blog Q1 Roundup: Patrick Stewart Fosters Ginger the Rescue, A Sitter’s Tale & more

March 29, 2017 | Tags: , , , , , , , ,

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Where has the time gone? It feels like just yesterday we were playing fetch with snowballs and getting creative by coming up with fun ways to keep your pets healthy and fit on chillier days. Now that Spring has sprung, we’re having a blast exercising Fido and Figaro be it a sun-drenched hike or a relaxing game of chase-the-feather beneath the warmth of a sunny window. During this transition, we’ve been keeping our blog updated with fresh content weekly. In some posts you’ll find helpful advice from the pro’s here at Fetch! Pet Care, and some content you’ll find fun or inspirational. Make sure to bookmark this post so you can catch up with us later if you don’t have the time now.

Before we delve into the top four blog posts this quarter, you may have noticed that we’ve been designing personality quizzes which are hosted on the blog and on our Corporate Social Media Channels: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. If you haven’t had a chance to take one of these awesome personality-based quizzes, you’ll definitely want to as they’re a great way to strengthen your bond with your pet while also being just downright fun to do. Try What Do The Cosmos Say About Your And Your Pet? (Taken over 900 times), or, Which Mythical Dog Is Your Dog? (Taken nearly 1,000 times)! Love your results? Share them with your community on social media so you can see how your results compare to those of your friends.

And now onto what you’ve been waiting for — the blogs! Without further adieu we present to you our most-read blogs this quarter starting with an endearing read about Patrick Stewart who recently decided he wanted to foster a PitBull named Ginger…

Patrick Stewart, PitBull rescue, Ginger

Photo Credit: @SirPatStew

Patrick Stewart and his new best friend Ginger, the Rescued PitBull

You may want to take out the tissues or hug your pet while reading this one because it’s really such an inspirational story and possibly one of the cutest foster stories we’ve seen in the media in a while. The cute-factor resides not in the simple fact that Stewart and his wife chose to become foster parents, but more within the documentation of Stewart and his sincere love for Ginger through the use of Twitter Video. With his wife as the camera gal, Stewart documents tidbits from his adventures with Ginger: from the “going for a walk” video to the “Stewart giving Ginger a goodnight kiss video”, this is a true love story between man and dog – one that will leave you inspired to love Stewart even more, and perhaps even discover a newfound appreciation for PitBull rescue and adoption. Click here to read it!

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Get in shape! Five reasons why you should exercise with your dog

Need a reason to get off the couch and get in shape with Fido? This list is a must-read even for the most active of families. We know that daily exercise is good for us and also for our pets, but we may sometimes forget why it’s important to exercise with our pets. Exercising with your dog requires is a completely different mind frame than simply “getting a workout in”, per se. This is about bonding with your dog, reminding your dog that he/she is part of the family, and yes, keeping you both feeling your best — together. Give this read a run (no pun intended) and let us know your favorite way to get fit with your dog by tweeting us @FetchPetCare.

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A Sitter’s Tale: Why working for Fetch! Pet Care is the best job I’ve ever had.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have what fellow pet lovers consider one of the best jobs ever? One of very own sitters shared with readers her story on how she left the Corporate world to become a Fetch! Pet Care dog walker and pet sitter. In her post she writes: “I’m the happiest I’ve even been. I’m smiling all day long. I feel great because I get a lot of fresh air and exercise, and there’s nothing like seeing happy pets enjoying life…it’s contagious! I actually look forward to going to my first job of the day.” If you’re on-the-fence and want to hear what it’s like working for Fetch! Pet Care, then this read is for you. As a pet owner this is also worth your time as it will give you a sense of how happy our staff is and how much they truly enjoy caring for your pets.

pet safety, pet-proof home

Tips for Keeping Pets Safe at Home

If you’ve recently brought a new pet home or are planning to, have your bases covered by making sure that your home is pet-safe. This is also worth reading if you’re a seasoned pet owner. With warmer weather comes adoption season, so this timely piece may be something you want to pass along to a friend, even, who may be adding a new member to the family. Topics covered range from microchipping, to lid-safety (one we often forget about), to common choking hazards. Get the full scoop here on the Blog at Fetch! Pet Care.

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