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7 Of the All-Time Best Dogs For Kids

February 3, 2016 | Tags: , , , ,

A list of the best dogs for kids from Fetch! Pet Care.

Looking for the best dogs for kids? We’ve got you covered!

Our list of the best dogs for kids will help you choose a faithful companion that’s right for the entire family! Whether you have young children or teenagers–live in a condo or have acres upon acres for a dog to roam–there’s a furry friend on this list for every family’s lifestyle. Your children want one, you want one and we’ve taken the guesswork out of finding the best dogs for kids, so keep reading and let us know which breed you think is right for you!

Best Dog Breeds For Children

1. Weimaraner

Widely celebrated for being a family dog, the Weimaraner is one of the best dogs for kids. A relatively young breed, this dog has only existed since the early 19th century and was used by German royalty for hunting big game. Experts recommend training these dogs early as they can become quite headstrong and stubborn otherwise. A well-trained Weimaraner, however, loves living amongst a family, enjoys lots of time outdoors, is very loyal and is a perfect companion dog for children.

2. Newfoundland

The Newfoundland is probably best known for its webbed feet. And while this dog instinctively knows how to rescue a swimmer in trouble, its loving, patient and calm temperament also makes it one of the best dogs for kids. In fact, this breed loves human interaction, in general, but it is particularly acclaimed for being partial to children!

3. Saint Bernard

The Saint Bernard breed is known for its mellow personality and patience, especially with children. This breed is also recommended as one of the best dogs for kids as it is known to be friendly to a family’s visitors, including other children it has just met. Originally used as a search and rescue dog in Switzerland, the Saint Bernard is a large and very intelligent breed that children just love to snuggle with!

4. Vizsla

This dog is perfect for energetic families who spend a lot of time outdoors. As much as they love running and playing, these dogs are also very affectionate. The Vizsla is good for older kids, but not necessarily young children, so if you’re interested in a dog for a tween or your teenagers, the Vizsla may very well be what you’re looking for! We only have one word of caution for you with this breed. Once beloved for their skills in retrieving wild game, the Vizsla still has an instinct for hunting birds. So, if you also have a fine feathered friend at home, please beware!

5. Collies

One need only watch an episode of Lassie to see why the Collie consistently appears on lists for the best dogs for kids. While the series is fictional, the dog’s character was based on traits that this breed is known for. Exceptionally smart, keenly aware, a gentle disposition and fiercely loyal are just a few of the words regularly used to describe this breed.

6. Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is one of the best dogs for kids because of its affectionate and friendly demeanor. It is equally kind and accepting toward strangers, including new children it has just met. In fact, the American Kennel Club gives this dog a 100% rating in terms of its compatibility with kids. An intelligent breed, the Golden Retriever is considered pretty easy to train and has a penchant for playtime!

7. Bulldog

On our list of best apartment dogs, the Bulldog is also an ideal pet for children. This popular breed is known for being patient, kind and loving toward people and generally gets along well with other pets, too. The Bulldog also loves to have a good time! Don’t believe us? Just check out this video of a record-setting Bulldog skateboarding his way to victory!

Before You Make a Decision

When selecting a new pet, it’s always a good idea to consider how much time you have to devote to daily walks, exercising and grooming, as well as what special needs a particular breed may have. Hopefully, this list serves as a good starting point for your research and has helped you formulate an idea of what to look for in a family dog. Before you rush out to buy a favored breed, please consider adopting one who may already be in a nearby shelter.

What’s the Best Dog For Kids?

According to your research and experience, which breed do you think is the best dog for kids? What kind of dog did you grow up with? And what kind of dog(s) do you currently have? We’re turning this post over to you now, so feel free to share your questions and comments below and remember to subscribe to our Loyalty Club newsletter for more on the pets you love most!

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