Cat and Dog BFFs

Cat and dog BFFs on Fetch! Pet Care
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Our latest Fetch! Pet Care video of the week brings you a cat and dog duo who are best friends for life! We are pleased to introduce you to Lilo the Husky and her adopted kitten, Rosie. Watch them enjoy a little bonding time and then hurry back to read more about their love and devotion.

As you can see, this is not your normal cat and dog relationship. These sweet and cuddly moments exemplify the bond that these pawsome pets share. In fact, Lilo is often referred to as Rosie’s mom!

Born in 2013, Lilo the Husky has a sibling named Infinity. Both dogs enjoy living in a household where pets are adored! Not long after Lilo and Infinity were born, their owners decided to expand the family by adopting two rescue kittens which include Rosie and another sibling, Misty. All four animals have formed their own unique pack who enjoy frequent bouts of play, hiking and just enjoying each other’s company all day everyday.

It is Lilo and Rosie who have the tightest bond, though. Check out another video of the two enjoying a playful romp and this one of the mama Husky comforting her adoptee during a visit to the veterinarian’s office. The tagline on their Instagram page says it all as this cat and dog are truly “different by chance, friends by choice”. Have you ever seen anything cuter in your life?

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