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CAT SITTING VS. BOARDING: Which Is Best For Your Pet?

October 3, 2015 | Tags: , , ,


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In-home cat sitting and boarding are perfectly good ways of ensuring that your kitty is well cared for while you are away from home. Although both may present good options for affordable pet care, one or the other may not be the best choice for your individual pet. So, before inviting someone into your home for cat sitting duties or even sending your feline elsewhere for boarding, consider her personality, age and particular needs first.

The Benefits of Cat Sitting

cat sitting

There are very few, if any, drawbacks to choosing a cat sitter to come into your home. Most who’ve chosen this option before tend to stick with it each and every time they travel. Let’s look at some of the most direct benefits of cat sitting:

  • Your cat stays in her own home, which is the most comfortable, safest environment she knows.
  • Your cat does not have to be transported or introduced to a new environment with new scents, sounds, people or unfamiliar animals.
  • Daily feeding, play and exercise regimen and times remain the same.
  • Pet sitters can accommodate special needs, such as dietary instructions or medications.

In short, in-home cat care represents the least stressful option for your pet since there are very few changes for her to adjust to. As her owner, you can also rest assured that she is not left alone while you are away. While cats have a reputation for needing far less interaction with humans than other pets, namely dogs, many do still require daily human companionship. Most pet sitters are prepared to offer their caring services through daily visits or overnight stays, depending upon your preference and your cat’s needs.

The Benefits of Cat Boarding:

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For many pet owners, cat boarding is a personal preference. In particular, those who do not want someone coming into their home while they are away may find boarding to be a better solution. Let’s look at some of the benefits of cat boarding:

  • Most if not all daily play, exercise and feeding routines can be kept.
  • Special needs such as medications and dietary instructions can be adhered to.
  • Boarding a pet at a professional’s home (as opposed to a cattery or a pet hotel) can allow your cat to roam freely.
  • Your cat is kept in a safe environment.

Unlike hiring an in-home cat sitter, where drawbacks are virtually nonexistent, there are a few with regards to cat boarding, such as:

  • Your cat may experience anxiety after being transported to a new environment.
  • Your cat may be exposed to unfamiliar animals, which can pose a health risk in some instances.
  • Your cat may not get the individual attention she craves, especially if there are a number of other pets being boarded at the same time.
  • Because most cats are escape artists, they have a tendency to hide or even get out of the home that is hosting them, creating unnecessary stress and potential issues for all.

The Final Decision Is Yours

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In general, allowing your cat to be cared for at home is best option for pet parents and their fur babies. To make the right choice for your cat, weigh your options by keeping her age (older cats may not fare as well with the changes inherent in boarding), health and overall personality before making your final decision. If you’re looking for a professional pet sitter willing to provide in-home care or personalized boarding — or even if you’d just like more information — contact Fetch! Pet Care right away.

Which Do You Prefer?

Do you prefer someone to come into your home for cat sitting duties or do you generally opt to board your kitty with a qualified professional when you travel? Did we miss any key points or considerations about cat sitting or boarding? We always enjoy reading your perspectives, so please take a moment to share yours now.

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