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DOG WALKER: Pro Vs. Neighborhood Kid?

November 20, 2015 | Tags: , ,

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Which Should You Choose?

Choosing a dog walker requires you to weigh all of your options, including whether to turn to a professional or to hire an individual from your neighborhood. You want to feel good about the decisions you make for your best buddy’s care, which is why you’re reading this post to begin with. Fetch! is always here for you and your pet family and we have some very simple tips that will help you find the dog walker who is right for you.

Teenagers and college students are often pressed for cash and turn to dog walking as a solution. While some are very good at their jobs, there are still major drawbacks to hiring a neighborhood dog walker. We always recommend hiring a professional to spend time with your pooch and here are a few reasons why:

Experienced Professional

A professional dog walker is one who has had plenty of experience caring for pets of varying sizes, breeds and personalities. This person has likely experienced different scenarios, such as an animal becoming anxious when separated from an owner, another aggressive dog approaching during a walk and other situations that require a certain amount of skill and wisdom for an animal’s safety. A neighborhood dog walker who is merely looking for extra cash may be an animal lover, but has probably not invested much in learning how to deal with difficult situations and may lack the crucial experience necessary to ensure that your pet is safe during an outing.

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Dog Walker Screening

Unlike a professional service provider, a neighborhood kid has not been thoroughly screened. Sure, you may know his parents and a few neighbors may even vouch for his services, but a professional, such as those employed by Fetch! Pet Care, has been through a detailed hiring process. This person’s background has been checked out, their references have been verified and our team has worked hard to orient them with our professional standards. This screening process is important when entrusting your pet to someone else or even when allowing access to your home while you are away.


A neighborhood dog walker most likely does not carry insurance for the job. In the unlikely event that something happens while a dog is in a professional’s care, it is nice to know that insurance is available to help compensate you for any damages or losses. Your pets deserve this level of foresight and so do you!

Back-Up Dog Walkers

When a neighborhood dog walker is sick, has other plans or is unable to exercise your pet due to a personal emergency, what do you do? Your pet is the one who ultimately suffers from a missed walk and such can cause all sorts of disruptions to his training and your personal schedule. With a professional, however, an absence is easily remedied by assigning dog walking duties to another team member who is ready for back-up duty. This is one of the greatest advantages to working with a professional. There is an entire team working behind the scenes, from a professional coordinator to other service providers who are willing and ready to step in at a moment’s notice so that your precious pooch never has to miss a much anticipated outing.

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Matching Your Dog’s Personality

Selecting a dog walker is far more than passing a leash to someone willing to do the job. It requires a coordinated effort to match your dog’s personality with a walker that your faithful companion will be comfortable with. With a neighborhood kid, you only have one choice in who will walk your dog, but with a professional service provider you can choose from a team of experienced dog walkers.

Our company even goes the extra mile in scheduling free in-home consultations just so that you, your dog and our pet care professional can spend time getting to know one another during a meet and greet visit. If, for any reason, you believe that the person sent to your home is not right for the job, it is never a problem…we simply send another qualified professional for you to get to know better.

Trust and Reliability

Is the neighborhood kid really cleaning up after your dog during their walks? Will your dog walker show up on time or even call you if he cannot work on a given day? Will this kid suddenly quit when another job comes along or when his own schedule changes? In short, how much can you trust a non-professional and to what degree can you rely on them for reliable service? With a professional dog walking service, you are always provided with a guarantee that you can depend on. This peace of mind, alone, should be reason enough to hire a professional dog walker.

Which Would You Choose?

Is your dog walker a professional or do you allow someone from your neighborhood to care for your pet? Are you between dog walkers at the moment and looking for someone new to walk with your best friend? On what will you base your selection process? We are always interested in your thoughts and ideas on choosing a dog walker and on pet care, in general. We turn this post over to you now and look forward to your comments below.

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