Fetch! Pet Care and Petplan Have Joined Paws to Protect Pets

January 19, 2016

Petplan and Fetch! Pet Care Join Paws to Protect Pets

Pets are part of the family, and just like us they can get injured or sick. Unfortunately, love doesn’t pay the veterinary bills!

Predicting your pet’s health may be impossible, but planning for it isn’t. Petplan pet insurance helps pay those surprise veterinary bills, so you can get your best friend the care he needs without worrying about the cost.

Because we believe that every member of your family’s health deserves protection against the unexpected, we’ve partnered with Petplan to offer Fetch! Pet Care clients a 10% discount when you buy a policy online.

Petplan coverage is trusted by more than one million veterinarians and pet parents around the globe. Why? Because Petplan delivers – plain and simple! Petplan gives you:

  • up to $22,000 in coverage annually
  • full coverage for hereditary & chronic conditions (as long as they’re not pre-existing)
  • fast, paperless claims via the Petplan App
  • up to 100% reimbursement of your veterinary bills

Plus, Petplan’s 24/7 customer service is top-rated in the industry – there’s even live chat.

Petplan and Fetch! Pet Care working together to bring you savings!

Petplan isn’t just an insurance provider; they’re a pet health company where pets come first. And there are perks to joining the pack: policyholders get access to the best pet health news and advice online and in their email inboxes every month. They also get a free subscription to fetch!, Petplan’s award-winning pet magazine with a healthy pedigree.

fetch! answers your most pressing pet health questions with engaging articles on advancements in veterinary medicine, the dish on diet and nutrition, training tips, fetching pet products, interviews and much more (like pages and pages of cute pets!).

With Petplan, you can rest easy knowing that if your pet gets injured or sick, you’ve got a financial safety net to help pay the veterinary bills.

Fetch! Pet Care is proud to announce our partnership with Petplan pet insurance.

Get a Quote From Petplan Now!

We’re excited to offer you this 10% online discount on pet insurance, and even happier that we’ve partnered with Petplan to do so. See how affordable complete peace of mind can be – click here to fetch a quote.

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