Fetch! Pet Care Franchises Collaborate with The Washington Nationals, Budweiser, & Humane Rescue Alliance for a Successful 2017 ‘Pups in the Park’ Fundraising Event

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Fetch! Pet Care Franchises Collaborate with The Washington Nationals, Budweiser, & Humane Rescue Alliance for a Successful 2017 ‘Pups in the Park’ Fundraising Event

Pups in the Park

It wouldn’t be a perfect summer without two things: baseball and man’s best friend. Back by “pup”ular demand, Fetch! Pet Care Alexandria, Rockville-Gaithersburg, Silver Spring, and Fetch! Pet Care servicing Washington DC have collaborated with The Washington Nationals along with Humane Rescue Alliance for the 2017 ‘Pups in the Park’ event which occurs six times throughout the season.

‘Pups in the Park’ is not only an exciting way to enjoy a good ‘ol game of baseball at the stunning National’s Stadium located in Southeast Washington DC. but it’s also a charitable event which supports long-standing DC-based pet rescue organization, Humane Rescue Alliance.

Christian Cunnane, Owner and General Manager of Fetch! Pet Care Alexandria describes ‘Pups in the Park’ as: “a fun-filled day at Nationals Stadium where you and your “Pup” can come out to enjoy a MLB Baseball game and help support the Humane Rescue Alliance at the same time. Hosted by the Washington Nationals and sponsored by Budweiser, fans and their entire family can come out to the stadium and enjoy a great day of baseball while helping HRA raise funds for adoptions, medical procedures, and training. Fans buy a ticket for themselves and a ticket for their “Pup” and the cost of the Pup ticket is a donation passed directly from the Nationals to the HRA, helping to pay for animal behavior training, medical procedures, and adoptions.”

The cost per ticket is $30 / dog owner and $10 / pup. Bonus: upon entry you’ll receive a blue voucher for your dog valid for one free walk with Fetch! Pet Care! ‘Pups in the Park’ has already participated in two out of six games this season where we enjoyed the Nationals play both the Mets and the Phillies. The next four ‘Pups in the Park’ 2017 games are:

  • Saturday June 10th: Nationals v. Rangers
  • Sunday June 25th: Nationals v. Reds
  • Thursday September 7th: Nationals v. Phillies
  • Saturday September 30th: Nationals v. Pirates

Take a look at some of the fun times we’ve had so far this season…

Some helpful advice should you attend ‘Pups in the Park’:

You are responsible for your dog’s behavior at the event. Watch your dog for signs of stress that can lead to inappropriate behavior at all time.

 Watch for and signs of stress in your dog that could lead to confrontational behavior:

  • Tail straight up and stiff, staring at other dogs.
  • Hair raised on their backs.
  • Lip licking and avoidance of other dogs or people.
  • Repetitive stress signals like yawning, heavy panting, or lip licking.
  • During dog interactions keep an active attention on your dog, watch for body language that could indicate anxiety or stress.

When Humans Greet Dogs:

  • Greet the owner first and ask the owner if it is OK to greet their dog
  • Ask the dog if he would like to meet you, pat your leg and call him over. Do not approach dogs that are not interested in meeting you.
  • Do not offer food to a dog other than your own without the owner’s permission.

When Dogs Greet Dogs:

  • Dogs sniff each other – this is a universal and appropriate way for them to greet.
  • If both dogs are showing relaxed and calm body language, allow your dog to sniff and be sniffed by others.
  • If your dog is avoidant of other dogs or is uncomfortable with being sniffed and approached by stranger-dogs he may not enjoy an outing to the park!

Seating is limited so get your tickets today by following this link. Have a group of 13 or more? Contact Katherine Mitchell via email here. Get social with us at ‘Pups in the Park’ by tagging your photos with #FetchPetCare.

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