Fetch! Pet Care and August Smart Lock Offer Keyless Access

October 16, 2015

August Smart Lock

We’re excited to announce our support for August Access, a first‐of‐its‐kind service that provides secure, trusted, keyless home access via the August Smart Lock. Fetch! Pet Care clients already appreciate the convenience and peace of mind that our service affords them, and will now experience even greater accountability and efficiency in using our services.

Once a client installs the August Smart Lock on the inside of their door, which takes just minutes, they can give out temporary or recurring keyless access to their Fetch! Pet Care pet sitter simply by sending an invite to the pet sitter’s smart phone.  When the sitter arrives to care for the client’s pet, the sitter simply presses one button on their smart phone to automatically unlock and lock the door. Equally exciting, the client will receive instant notifications to their smart phone when the sitter enters and exits the home for greater accountability of their sitter’s activity.

The August Access program is currently in beta and features a variety of service providers, from house cleaners, to package deliveries, to senior care. Clients can find August Access and the Fetch! Pet Care name in the August smart phone app, which can be downloaded from the Apple or Google Play stores.  Clients can link to an existing account or create a new account to be ready when we launch the program. There is no cost to sign up. For more information, go to august.com/august-access.

August also just introduced a doorbell webcam that easily connects to existing doorbell wires, as well as a keypad that enables those without smart phones to access the home using a special code that the client provides them with.  In addition, August also provides a device, called August Connect, that enables the client to remotely unlock and lock the door from virtually anywhere around the world using their Smart phone.  Look for some exciting upcoming partnership announcements from August Home that truly give clients greater control and visibility into what takes place both inside and outside their homes.

August Home products sell at Best Buy, Amazon and Apple stores, and the August Smart Lock retails for $199.00.  However, Fetch! Pet Care is offering a $30 discount off the purchase of August products. Sign up at http://try.august.com/fetch to receive the special offer.  For a demo video of their products, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RXDKFWwfK4.

We’re very excited to offer this increased level of service accountability to you, and want to hear your thoughts!  What can products like these do to make your life more convenient, safe and give you peace of mind when you’re away from your home and your pets?

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