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Finding A Great Pet Sitter During The Busy Summer Season

May 22, 2013 |

Summer is most certainly a busy time of year!  That goes double for anyone in the service industry.  From the local dry cleaner, to the local travel agency, any business that serves a regular or rotating customer base is going to be working very hard to keep everyone happy during the busy summer.

Without proper planning, you can find yourself in quite a jam if you’re looking for short notice pet sitter service over the summer. The neighbors are staying home for the holidays, but that’s an awful lot to ask – it is their holiday too, after all.  The kennel, that’s an option, right? It is, if you’re fine with your pets being in an unfamiliar environment with alpha pets, being in a crate for the majority of the day, oh, and the risk of those airborne illnesses like kennel cough. You’ve called some smaller local operators, but it’s just the owner as a one person operation providing services – and  they’ve been overbooked for weeks. What you need is a professional pet sitter!

Wait, you went to that adoption event over the Summer, and met those great folks from Fetch! Pet Care, they even told you that one of the ways they ensure their client’s peace of mind is by having a large, licensed, bonded, and insuredprofessional staff.

Success! Fetch! Pet Care worked out perfectly, they were able to provide you the service you desperately needed, and on short notice to boot.  You vow to remember that the best way to find a pet sitter or  during the busy summer season is to be prepared.  Booking summer dog walking or pet sitting services well in advance, perhaps even have a few services performed prior to the summer to ensure everything is to your and your pet’s liking.

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