Guilty Dog, We Fur-give You!

Who knows what this guilty dog did to disappoint her owner so much, but it is clear that her heart is truly, truly sorry. Remember when Cole and Marmalade proved to you that cats have feelings, too? Well the peace-loving star of this video, Ettore, is about to show you that dogs aren’t above begging for fur-giveness when they know that they have done wrong.

The dialogue here is in Italian and while the video does not feature subtitles, a little internet research reveals that the scene begins with the labrador’s owner, Anthony Federica Granai, saying to Ettore, “Are you asking me to forgive you? I don’t understand.”. Obviously desperate to make things right between them, Ettore springs into Anthony’s lap and, well, go ahead and take a look at what she did and tell us how you would have reacted.

Source: Guilty dog desperately asks for forgiveness by mrazzi on Rumble

Is that not the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen in your life? Have you ever received an apology so sincere? How could anyone stay angry with such a genuinely guilty dog literally pleading to be back in her owner’s good graces again? She’s quite the unrelenting sort, too! No matter how many times Anthony attempts to tell this amazing girl no and stubbornly pretends that he doesn’t understand what she wants, Ettore is determined to win his fur-giveness, after all.

We all heaved sighs of relief when Anthony finally gave in and told the beautiful dog that the two friends have “made peace” again before sealing the entire incident with a loving hug. Awww, pure sweetness!

What Does Your Guilty Dog Do?

Have you ever seen a guilty dog react in this way? What do your pets do when they know they’ve done something wrong? How do you show them that they have earned your forgiveness? Make a friend smile today by sharing this post with them and don’t forget to leave us a comment before you go.

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