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International Animal Rights Day 2015

December 10, 2015 | Tags: , ,

Let’s sound the alarm about International Animal Rights Day (IARD) together by first learning more about its history and then joining in the awareness campaigns surrounding this powerful day. As you know, Fetch! Pet Care strongly believes that all pets should be able to live life to its fullest. We are excited to spread the word about International Animal Rights Day so that animals can life safer and stress-free lives. If you’ve never heard of IARD before and you’re not sure how you can become involved in its activities, just hold tight because we’re about to give you the full rundown right now!

How International Animal Rights Day Started

An organization known as Uncagedstarted IARD in 1998 after being inspired by the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was proclaimed 50 years earlier on December 10, 1948. Uncaged works to build on the UN’s declaration by using the same date to remind people that animals are also sentient beings and that, as such, they have a right to life and freedom…including the right to be free from abuse and murder. The organization even created the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights which reads as follows:

“Inasmuch as there is ample evidence that many animal species are capable of feeling, we condemn totally the infliction of suffering upon our fellow creatures and the curtailment of their behavioural and other needs save where this is necessary for their own individual benefit.
“We do not accept that a difference in species alone (any more than a difference in race) can justify wanton exploitation or oppression in the name of science or sport, or for use as food, for commercial profit or for other human gain.
“We believe in the evolutionary and moral kinship of all animals and declare our belief that all sentient creatures have rights to life, liberty and natural enjoyment.
“We therefore call for the protection of these rights.”

Animal Rights Activists Making Progress

Great strides have been made due to targeting the issue of animal rights. Incredible milestones include popular fashion brands like H&M, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger no longer selling clothing made from angora. This decision came about after activists sounded alarms about fur being ripped from the skin of live rabbits in China. Activities steeped in tradition, such as bullfighting in some countries, have also been stopped thanks to greater awareness about the so-called sport and cruelty to animals, in general.

How You Can Become Involved

Each year, animal lovers all over the world participate in candlelight vigils and various other events to bring attention to the important issue of animal rights. We encourage each of you to join in spotlighting this day wherever you may be. Some suggestions on how to do so are as follows:

  • Volunteer with a local animal rights organization
  • Start your own awareness campaign by telling your family and friends about the importance of animal rights and why you are joining in the push for awareness on December 10th
  • Make a conscious effort to stop buying products tested on animals
  • Make a conscious effort to stop buying products and clothing made by using any part of an animal (skin, bone, fur, etc.)
  • Stop eating animals
  • Help spread the word about animal rights on social media

How Will You Spend International Animal Rights Day?

Do you have anything to add to the conversation around animal rights? How do you plan to participate in this important day of awareness? We look forward to reading your thoughts in the comments section now.

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