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Puppy alert: I don’t know what you are but I will have you!

February 15, 2017

This is one adorable puppy! Who else just wants to kiss this smooshy face? Names, anyone? Photo credit: HBorn

Walk In The Winter Outdoors With A Dog Breed Shih Tzu. A Woman I

Healthy Ways To Keep Your Dog Warm And Active

February 10, 2017

In the winter months it’s hard to stay active while staying warm, and just like humans, dogs are not always fond of the chilly weather. Your furry friend needs to...


Cat Introductions

February 6, 2017

That cute kitten was simply irresistible, so you are adding a new feline to the family. Or maybe it is an adult cat that caught your fancy and will be...

space cats

{Must-Watch Video} Space Cats — Magic Fly

February 2, 2017

This video will make your day, and may even be your new favorite song. Here’s to cats in outer space singing awesomeness — enjoy!

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{Quiz} What’s your pet’s superpower? Find out by taking the quiz!

January 31, 2017

What’s your pet’s superpower? Find out by taking the quiz! Share and compare your results with your friends and don’t forget to tell us your pet’s superpower is by tweeting...