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Pet Proofing your Home for the Holidays

October 25, 2013 |

November officially kicks off the holiday season! Nothing says the holidays like turkey, decorations and family. But while you’re hauling in the tree and baking holiday treats, remember to consider how these things can affect your pet. In an effort to help your kitty or pup avoid any holiday accidents, here are some “Do’s” and “Don’ts”.

Tempting holiday treats may cause harm

– DON’T feed your pet Thanksgiving Dinner. Turkey and other poultry have small brittle bones that pose a choking hazard to animals. Avoid feeding your pet any turkey.

– DO guard your left overs. Make sure all of your leftovers are in a secure place and that the garbage is not within your pet’s reach.

– DON’T feed your pet your dessert. It’s tempting to share your holiday pies and treats but these foods can cause your little guy a big stomachache. Treats with chocolates are absolutely off limits, as they are highly toxic and deadly to dogs.

– DO stick with your pet’s regular diet to avoid any stomachaches or trips to the vet. If you want to give your pet a festive treat, take a trip to the pet store for a pet appropriate surprise!

Decorations should bring cheer not fear!

– DON’T let your pet play with the Christmas tree. Tree decorations, lights and pine needles can all cause serious problems for your pet if they are digested.

– DO trim low hanging tree branches that your pet may see as a tempting toy or treat!

– DON’T let your pet drink from the tree’s water bowl. Stagnant water can grow bacteria that are hazardous to your pet’s health.

– DO secure a Christmas tree skirt around the bottom of the tree. This will keep pets away from the tree trunk and clear of the lights, decorations, water bowl and from accidentally knocking over the tree!

– DON’T leave poinsettias, lilies and mistletoe on the ground. These plants can be toxic to pets, so keep them out of licking and chewing range.

– DO keep decorations at eye level. This will keep most hazards out of your pet’s way.

– DON’T leave holiday presents under the tree or on a coffee table. Pets like to open gifts too! Holiday paper and ribbons can be deadly if they get stuck in your pet’s digestive tract.

– DO speak with guests about pet safety hazards so they don’t unknowingly break the rules and put your pet in harms way.

Remember, the best present you can give your pet for the holidays is a warm safe home! We hope these tips help you and your pet side step any holiday accidents and we wish you a Happy Holidays from everyone at Fetch! Pet Care!

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