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7 Great Reasons Why You Need to Be a Pet Sitter

March 15, 2016 | Tags: , , , , , , ,

Thinking about becoming a pet sitter, but not sure if it’s the right job for you? Would you like to learn more about the career before committing to it? Well, you’re in luck because we have the guidance that you’re looking for!

Great reasons to become a pet sitter!

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7 Good Reasons Why You Should Become a Pet Sitter:

1. You Love Animals

And they love you! How many other people can say the same about their jobs and the people they work with? Those who can are usually the envy of their peers as these people really enjoy their work and feel appreciated for what they bring to to the table. Let your love of furry faces lead you to a rewarding job!

2. You Like to Help People in Need

Pet owners who hire sitters do so out of a deep and abiding love for their furry family members. These folks would love to take their pets with them while traveling or have jobs that allow them to break for dog walking or quality play time. When unable to do so, they turn to reliable pet sitters whom they can trust and who they feel will care for their pets as lovingly as they do. Some even need last-minute pet sitting due to family emergencies and are super relieved to have someone who can step in to provide care at life’s most trying times.

3. You’ll Enjoy One Of the Most Flexible Part-Time Jobs EVER

As a pet sitter or a dog walker, you are able to set your own schedule and plan your vacation days according to what suits you best. This means that you have plenty of time to spend with your own family or even time to spend on other hobbies that bring you great joy.

4. You Want to Earn an Extra Income

Pet sitting and dog walking are excellent ways to earn extra money for things like vacations, a new car, tuition or getting rid of debt! Since you set your own hours and only work with clients you enjoy, pet sitting really is one of the best ways to earn extra cash!

5. You Love Being Self-Employed

Why choose between a job and self-employment? As a Fetch! Pet Care sitter, you can enjoy the best of both worlds! You get to walk dogs, care for cats, play with pets and enjoy all the fun of the job while someone else handles the office “grunt work”. We’re talking about things like advertising, finding clients for you, scheduling your appointments, handling payments, collections, and all of the other tasks that are important to running a successful pet care business. Fetch! Pet Care even covers all insurance costs so you don’t have to! Because you only choose the clients you want and you spend time with them according to your schedule, you get to remain in control of your job without being weighed down by administrative tasks. You are literally self-employed, but enjoy all of the perks of having a professional team and an established brand driving you to success!

6. Join a Pet Sitter Community

Looking for people who love pets as much as you do? Well, as a pet sitter you can officially join the ranks of other pet care professionals who regularly offer support and a sense of community. There are so many pet sitter and dog walker blogs, forums, organizations and social media communities that you can join to experience the camaraderie of people who love to trade tips, advice and information.

7. Pets Need You

Some pets don’t get the exercise and fresh air that they need to grow healthy and strong. This isn’t because their owners don’t love them, but because they’re short on time or have health challenges or any number of other issues preventing them from totally meeting the needs of their pets. As a trusted pet sitter or dog walker, you may offer a life-changing solution to pet owners and their furry companions. This is perhaps the BEST reason to become a pet sitter…YOU are needed!

Become a Pet Sitter Today

Don’t just dream about it another minute. Fetch! Pet Care is standing by to answer all of your questions and to help you get started as a pet sitter or a dog walker right away. So, visit our website and embrace your dream job right now!

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