How to Keep Your Dog Healthy in Winter

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How to Keep Your Dog Healthy in Winter

EDITOR’S NOTE: We are pleased to present a guest post by Vee Cecil who is passionate about sharing information that improves the wellbeing of others. She is a personal trainer and wellness coach and enjoys sharing her many findings on wellness on her blog. She is also excited to be writing her first book on […]

Do Dogs Dream?

Your kids heard Rover making funny noises in his sleep and now they’ve got serious questions like, do dogs dream? And what do they dream about? The answers to these questions aren’t always clear-cut, but we think we can help. Let’s get the do dogs dream question out of the way first, shall we? Do […]

A PSA On The Current Dog Flu That Has Many Dogs Ill: Must Read!

Dog owners in the Midwest are being urged to keep their dogs indoors and in their yards to prevent exposure to the latest canine flu virus. The new virus does not have a vaccine and is highly contagious. Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana have been especially hard hit.    In April, the CDC issued an […]