Top 5 Dog Blogs of 2016 That You Need to Follow

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Top 5 Dog Blogs of 2016 That You Need to Follow

  Dogs are the best pets, aren’t they? Dog lovers everywhere are always seeking out sources of information about their beloved animals and try to find like-minded people who have helpful, and sometimes fun, things to share through dog blogs and other sites. So if you own a pooch, check out these top 5 dog […]

Fetch! Pet Care: Our Most Read Blogs in 2016

  At Fetch! Pet Care, we offer more than just animal sitting services. Our awesome blog is full of great, fun, and super informative posts to help you in your pet owning adventures. These are some of our most read blogs in 2016.   Pet Carrier Safety Warning To date, this is one of our […]

Top 5 DIY Dog Toys and Treats

Regardless of your skill level, anyone can make DIY dog toys and treats. Inexpensive and engineered for joy, we promise that your pooch is going to love your handmade gifts! To help you get started, Fetch! Pet Care has curated a nice list of easy projects you can start today. Using simple household products and […]

How to Keep Your Dog Healthy in Winter

EDITOR’S NOTE: We are pleased to present a guest post by Vee Cecil who is passionate about sharing information that improves the wellbeing of others. She is a personal trainer and wellness coach and enjoys sharing her many findings on wellness on her blog. She is also excited to be writing her first book on […]

Dachshund Dogs Doing Funny Things

We just expect Dachshund dogs to be a bit whimsical by nature, don’t we? Sometimes referred to as hot dogs or wiener dogs, there’s something about these pups that just makes us smile from ear-to-ear. Well, the video that you’re about to watch is no different. Prepare yourself, because it’s going to make you laugh […]

18 of the Best Instagram Accounts For Pet Lovers

Looking for the best Instagram accounts featuring funny pets and amazing animals? Well, Fetch! Pet Care has curated a nice list that will have you tapping hearts for days. From reptiles to rabbits and, of course, dogs and cats, we think the following are among the best Instagram accounts in existence today: Name: HaleySage11 Type: […]

Church Offers Free Pet Care and Special Pet Services

When it comes to community service, pet care doesn’t always top the list. That’s why we’re hoping that one church near Buffalo, New York will establish a trend among other nonprofit groups around the country. When you hear about the wonderful ways they’re helping cats and dogs, you’re going to want to encourage others to […]