This tiny sweetheart needs a name

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This tiny sweetheart needs a name

This little kitten (a girl) is a new addition to the Fetch! Pet Care family, and we have yet to name her. Let us know what your suggestions are by commenting below. We’ll be choosing our favorite name by 8am PT, Friday April 28th, and will announce the winning name here on the Blog at […]

Top 5 Most Insane Cat True Stories

If you’re a cat lover then you’ll love these 5 cat true stories! Everything from a pet lion to a bus riding orange tabby. Check it out and let us know which is your favorite!   Christian the Lion Christian was a lion cub who was born in captivity and then adopted by John Rendall […]

Top 5 Places to Spend a Caturday

We all look forward to Caturday, don’t we? That special day when the Internet comes together to binge on pics of furry felines, share pawsome videos and laugh at some of the most memorable cat memes ever. It’s a time of joy and giggles meant to be savored and shared by pet lovers everywhere! To […]

FERAL CAT POPULATIONS: 5 Ways that You Can Help

Has a feral cat ever tugged at your heartstrings? Have you ever wished that you could make a homeless cat’s life a little better? Have you ever looked into a deep pair of emerald or yellow eyes and wished you could take that handsome guy home…if he would only let you near him? Well, you’re […]


Kitten adoption stories don’t get much cuter than this. Country music superstar Miranda Lambert is well known for her love of animals to the point of adopting at least 15 of them, including chickens and unicorns (ok, they’re horses, but Miranda calls them unicorns, so we’re running with it!). The warm-hearted songstress is also known […]