Tips for a Happier Pet in the New Year

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Tips for a Happier Pet in the New Year

Tips for a Happier Pet in the New Year

The New Year is a great time for reflection and change. While you’re setting your New Year’s resolutions, take time to set goals for a healthier, happier pet in 2014. Don’t know where to start with creating a New Year’s pet resolution? That’s ok! We’ve got your tail covered. Here are some steps for resolving to make 2014 your pet’s best year yet!

– Know Your Pet: One of the best places to start is by identifying your pet’s personality. Pets are just like people, some are more sensitive and low key, while others need a more fast paced life. Think about when your pet seems happy and at ease. If you have a sensitive pet you may want to make more time for cuddling! If your pet is fast paced you might want to increase trips to the dog park. Also consider that your pet may need a balance of the two. Knowing your pet’s personality will help you know their needs and then fulfill them.

– Reducing Stress: Animals are creatures of habit, and they feel comfortable and safe in a predictable environment. This means having regularly scheduled meals, walks and bedtime. A consistent living space is equally important for stress reduction. Keep your pet’s bed, food bowl and toys in the same place. Imagine if every day you woke up your bed and dining room table were in different places. Sounds pretty stressful! Make changes to ensure a regular schedule and predictable home for a happy stress-free pet.

Keep Your Pet Fit: Happy pets are active and fit! Again, remember that every pet is different; some pets need a long hard workout, while others thrive with leisurely walks and indoor games. Regardless of your pet’s preference, each pet should have about 30 minutes of activity a day. If you don’t have time, you can have your local Fetch! Pet Care location provide daily recurring dog walking and pet sitting exercise to your pet from their skilled staff of dog walkers and pet sitters while you’re at work. The important thing is to make sure your pet is getting their heart rate up to a prescribed level for optimum vitality, health and happiness!

Mental Stimulation: Mental stimulation is just as important for your pet as physical stimulation. You can work this into your pet’s daily fitness by varying your walking routes, providing new smells, sights and sounds. If you’re playing indoors there are great toys that will keep your pet mentally occupied for hours. You can also train your pet to perform tricks and commands. This has multiple benefits including improving behavior, pet self-esteem and owner-pet bonding. A busy mind is a happy mind – keep your pet mentally challenged and they’ll feel more fulfilled.

Taking care of your pet’s body and mind is a sure way to have the happiest pet on the block! Don’t feel overwhelmed trying to make all of these changes at once, you have a whole year to put these tips into place! We wish you and your pet a happy New Year!

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