Top 5 Dog Blogs of 2016 That You Need to Follow

November 17, 2016

dog blogs, dogs with blogs, dogs, best pets


Dogs are the best pets, aren’t they? Dog lovers everywhere are always seeking out sources of information about their beloved animals and try to find like-minded people who have helpful, and sometimes fun, things to share through dog blogs and other sites.

dog blogs, dogs with blogs, dogs, best pets

So if you own a pooch, check out these top 5 dog blogs of 2016 and follow along for tips, tricks, quality recommendations, and, of course, super cute pictures.

Alfie’s Blogs

This giant teddy bear also known as Alfie is an Entlebucher Mountain Dog with a blog. The site is chock full of helpful articles to help you stay active with your dog, about having puppies, easy games that you can do and make, and most importantly there’s really helpful reviews on pet products. Definitely one of the better dog blogs out here.

Oh My Dog Blog

I can see why this blog was super popular in 2016, it’s all about extremely helpful, first hand advice about pet health and how to deal with having an old, aging dog. If you ever had a question that didn’t quite warrant a trip to the vet, but caused a little concern about your pooch, then this is a great dog blog to follow along with.

Keep the Tail Wagging

It’s not commonly known that dogs should have a healthy diet that contains raw foods, not just kibble. This awesome dog blog, Keep the Tail Wagging, shows you how to make your own raw dog food, treats, and lends tons of helpful information regarding the practice. With the way the world is heading, this is definitely a blog you should be following along with.

The Dog Tipper

Here’s the awesome dog blog of Pawzaar, the super cute golden retriever who loves to help other dog owners learn about travelling with your pets. Everything from how to prepare, the course of travel, and tips and tricks on what to do when you arrive at your destination. There’s also tons of helpful product reviews and recommendations to make your journey easier and more fun.

Come Wag Along

This blog is unique. It’s a parenting and dog blog combo where you can find so much good stuff about raising dogs and kids together. The star of the site is Kia, a mini schnauzer, and she adorns the feed with hoards of fun, playful, and super adorable pictures and videos.

dog blogs, dogs with blogs, dogs, best pets

And there you have it! There are too many awesome dog blogs out there to count, but these 5 were pretty popular in 2016. Let us know if you follow along with any of these cool dogs and if you have any of your own to add to the list!

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  5. A great list of blogs to look into. My fav so far is Alfies. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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