Our Services & Pricing for Fetch Pet Care Greater Chicago

Quality Care for Your Precious Pet

Special Rescue Discount

$50 off first invoice (min $150) if your pup was rescued from Be Fido's Friend, Tiny & Tall Rescue, One Tail at a Time or Placing Paws Rescue within the last 12 months.

Fetch! Daily Private Dog Walks starting at $24

Our dog walker will take your dog on a 30, 45 or 60min leashed walk in your neighborhood. We'll make sure your dog gets out to stretch her legs, get some fresh air and does her business! Feeding can be combined at no charge within the scheduled time frame.

Fetch! Vacation Walks starting at $24

We offer vacation walks based on your pet's schedule to ensure their routine is maintained while you're away. *Must schedule at least 3 visits per day.

Fetch! Happy Puppy Program

Have a new member of the family in the house? Our puppy program is sure to help you and your new puppy navigate the rules of house breaking, leash manners and developing a routine. Timing and frequency is dictated by your scheduling requirements. We can also help implement any training techniques you're already working on. You are guaranteed to come home to a happy puppy each and every day. Please call for a custom quote.

Fetch! Cat/Small Animal Visit starting at $24

No need to board your pet at your vet's office anymore. Our 30, 45 or 60min pet visits will maintain their routine and include feeding, water replenishment, litter box cleaning, brushing and lots of play time. This service includes home care: watering plants, bringing in mail and newspaper, blind and light rotation for security purposes.

Fetch! "Almost Overnight" Pet Sitting $105

This service provides your pet with a 2-hour evening visit and a 1-hour morning visit the next day. You can breathe a sigh of relief because your pet will get to maintain their normal routine of feeding, playtime, and exercise in the safety and comfort of your home. A midday visit if needed can be added. Home care is included at no extra charge. Please call for details and to discuss options.

Fetch! In-Home Overnight Sitting $120

With our In-Home Overnight Sitting your pet can maintain their routine in the safety and comfort of their own home while you're away. Your sitter will spend the evening at your home and depart the next morning. It's just like you were home! This service includes 3 walks: Evening upon arrival, before they get tucked in and in the morning before their sitter departs. Our rate is based on 12hrs of uninterrupted sitting. A midday visit can be added for an additional charge. Home care is also included at no extra charge. Please call for details and to discuss options.

Fetch! Cage Free, Private Boarding $135 per 24hrs

Does your dog need a cozy, friendly home to stay at while you're out of town? With our private dog boarding service your pet will stay in the safety and comfort of a sitter's home. Your pet will be matched with a home that fits their needs for a fun, hassle free stay so you can have peace of mind while you're away. 3-4 daily walks included. Please call for details and to discuss options.

Fetch! Live In Pet Sitter $150 per 24hrs

After the past couple of years our pets are used to us being home more often than not. We can help maintain that routine and provide consistency with an in-home pet sitter that will be there overnight and most of the day too, averaging about 20hrs per day. All walks included. Home care is also included at no extra charge. Please call for details and to discuss options.

Fetch! Hourly Care

Headed out for a few hours? Need to run some errands or have plans to meet friends for dinner? If you're not comfortable leaving your pet home alone, give us a call and ask us how we can help out.

Fetch! Hotel Sitting $45 per hour

Welcome to Chicago! Are you headed out to enjoy all our city has to offer but not sure if your pup can keep up with the hustle and bustle? It might be best to give us a call and have one of our pet sitters hang with your pup in your hotel room while you're out. 48hr notice is preferred if possible, please call for a custom quote.

Fetch! Wedding Service

Let us take care of all the things your canine family member needs on your special day and let us be your pet's chaperone. Our appropriately dressed pet care provider will escort your furry BFF to your ceremony, reception and/or photo shoot. Once completed we will escort them back to their home or our sitter's home. Call us for details.

Fetch! Pet Taxi

We can transport your pet to the vet, trainer, groomer or anywhere they need to go. Please call for details.

Fetch! Bath Time and/or Nail Clipping

Let's face it, if we bathed ourselves as often as we bathe our pooches, we wouldn't have any friends. Let us come out and scrub-a-dub your pet for you. This service can be added on to any pre-scheduled service.

Fetch! Pill Administration, Injections or Subcutaneous Fluids

Like us, many pets require prescribed medications in order to prevent, control or improve their health condition. Whether your pet has recently been neutered, diagnosed with an illness, or just needs its monthly heartworm medication, our sitters are available to make sure your pet gets their regular dose without the stress of going to the vet. Please call for a quote for shots/injections. ***There is no charge for easy pilling***

Fetch! Home Concierge $25

Home care is included with all visits 30 minutes or more. But if you don’t have pets for us to care for we can provide our home concierge service. We'll pick up mail, bring in small packages and newspapers as well as rotate blinds and lights. We'll water plants too!

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