Meet the Fetch Pet Care Greater Chicago Team

Meet Our Team

Browse the pictures and profiles of our professional, reliable, and loving pet sitting and dog walking team!

Carolyn Alonzo, Owner

Carolyn Alonzo is the owner of Fetch! Pet Care of Greater Chicago. A lifelong Chicagoan, she's been in business since 2007. She's here to help make your pet sitting and dog walking experience as enjoyable and as stress free as possible. Currently Carolyn lives with her husband Greg and their four rescue pups-Lily, Zuzu, Frazier and Bowie!

Donna Moss, GM

Donna recently joined our team as an office manager after she retired in May from 33 years of teaching in the Milwaukee Public School system. As a teacher, she became an expert at juggling many different tasks, setting deadlines, and communicating with students, parents and staff. She has shared her home with Basset Hounds and, more recently, cats for over 20 years. She loves working with the team and clients at Fetch! and is looking forward to a long and happy relationship.

Amy H.

Amy is another one of our very long time pet sitters and dog walkers. She doesn't have a specific Chicago neighborhood that she covers, she goes almost everywhere she's needed. Need a dog walk in the South Loop or Lincoln Park? Maybe a cat visit in Logan Square or Pilsen? How about an overnight in the Lakeshore East area or up in Edgewater? Done and done. Amy will not let you down, she makes Fetch! happen every day and is a great mentor for our new pet sitters and dog walkers too.

Lynn G.

Lynn makes Fetch! happen in Pilsen, South Loop and a little further north too. She is a compassionate and responsible pet sitter and dog walker with hands-on experience in handling a variety of pet care services including dog walking and overnight care. She has a great love of animals and a proven commitment to constantly provide excellent and safe service, She has also volunteered with PAWS Chicago. She'll have your tail covered!

Jenny R.

Jenny is the ultimate cat lady. Her compassion and patience for cats has driven her to seek out a pet sitting role, so that she can care for all of the cats in the city. She's a proud cat mom of two young cats, and she loves to bring them up in conversations, and even her cats like to make the occasional appearances on her Zoom client calls! She resides in Logan Square and is looking forward to bonding with the neighborhood cats. When she's not spending her time cat sitting and watching cat reels on IG for hours, you can find her designing websites for small businesses through her own web design business.

Maria S.

You'll find Maria making Fetch! happen all over Chicago pet sitting but lately she's been dog walking for our clients in the Lakeshore East area as well as near Wrigleyville and Old Town. She has a history of volunteering with Chicago Canine Rescue and is currently fostering two Pugs at her home while the rescue finds them a forever home*. Maria also provides private/cageless boarding for friendly pups in her home as well. Fun fact-Maria was a contestant on Jeopardy in 2016 and is a team member of our What the Fetch!? trivia team at One Tail At a Time's annual trivia event.

Avi-Yona I.

Avi is pet mom to a lab mix puppy, three fancy rats, and a blue-tongued skink. Recently, she became accidental mom to a murder of crows and eight pigeons. When she isn't taking care of her own zoo, she is taking care of yours. And finally, once all the animals are napping, she tutors writing and watches movies with her spouse Garth at home on the Gold Coast. She hopes they'll build a place in the forest one day, where she can have a pet bear -- if she wants to.

Garth F.

Garth lives in the Gold Coast neighborhood with their wife Avi and their mutt Charlie (as well as a trio of the fanciest rats and a grumpy blue tongued lizard named Britney). They are happy to be able to help out their neighbors and become friends with their dogs/cats/lizards/plants in the process! When they're not playing with animals, they're studying microscopic bacteria as a graduate student and skateboarding with Charlie.

Mark L.

Mark is another one of our Lakeview Sitters and walkers. He retired from the airlines after 27 years of international travel. Returning to school to decide on a second career path, he chose to devote all of his time to animal care; a lifelong passion that began while visiting family farms growing up. He lives just a short walk from Lake Michigan; full of pet-friendly neighborhoods and parks. He provides private, cage-free boarding in his home, as well as client in-home pet care in Chicago. Private boarding and home care is a very important service, and he goes above and beyond to ensure high-quality care. Mark's time spent on family farms, and his rural upbringing, allowed Mark nearly constant contact and interaction with a wide assortment of animals, pets, and wildlife. A member of his local 4-H in his youth, Mark completed training classes for general animal care and dog training, Competing at county fairs each summer. Acquiring the nickname "Dr. Doolittle" during this time, he was, and still is someone who loves, and is devoted to, his entire, adopted Fetch! animal family.

Stephanie F.

Another very long time Fetch! pet sitter and dog walker that we're proud to have on our team. Stephanie has been pet sitting, dog walking and volunteering at animal shelters for years. Not only does she have a long history of caring for cats and dogs but with guinea pigs too. Steph makes Fetch! happen near Sheridan Park and Ravenswood but she also will journey out to the West Loop when we need her. She possesses all of the qualities that make a Fetch! Pet Care sitter and an excellent caregiver for your pets.

Jonathan G.

Jonathan has a special way with dogs and cats and he's so dependable. He is an animal lover that has volunteered at animal shelters, dog grooming shops and also worked at an animal hospital. He's always doing research in dog behavior and animal habits. Some of his friends have called him Jonny the Animal Whisperer. He has an understanding for animals and they always seem to be comfortable and happy around him, even right after meeting for the first time. He has a great memory and can remember animals name and faces after the first meeting.

Sara S.

Sara is a lover of all kinds of animals, and a willing sitter to any who need it! She showers her roommate's dogs with affection at home, but is saving up to adopt a pet of her own one day. When Sara isn't taking care of fur babies, she's crafting lattes at Starbucks and working on her science fiction novel.

Seth R

Seth has been an amazing addition to Fetch! since he joined our team in 2020. The wealth of experience he has by being a Veterinary Assistant with Treehouse has made him an asset. He has been responsible for the care and adopting out of over 150 cats within his home over the last ten years. He has always had pets growing up and currently has a beautiful dog and five cats that he and his wife make sure have the best life possible.

Toni P.

Toni has recently moved to Chicago with her husband from the UK. Toni has volunteered in the UK with the Dogs Trust and Cats Protection, whilst also fostering dogs for the Dogs Trust, they have also had cats of their own. Toni has always wanted to work with animals and has applied to volunteer at the Anti-Cruelty Society, she is studying a Level 3 Diploma in Canine Care, Behaviour and Welfare as she hopes to be an Animal Behaviourist in the future.

Lindsey F.

Originally from Kansas City, Lindsey has lived in Chicago for nine years now. She is a mom of two elderly cats and an animal lover. She has experience caring for cats and dogs. She's comfortable grooming, walking, feeding, playing with and caring for your pets. I work from home with a flexible schedule and look forward to meeting your pets!


Dejuan (or DJ) is a lifelong Chicagoan and pet lover! They live in Uptown with their dog Cosmo but have had pets and cared for animals all their life. Dejuan has cared for pet cats, dogs, iguanas, a chameleon, sugar gliders, a goat, sheep, cattle, and more! DJ’s covid project was learning the basics of dog training and they have had a lot of fun learning about canine behavior. DJ is available for check-ins, walks, and even hosting pets overnight cage-free in his home with his friendly and sociable dog Cosmo. Are you looking to socialize your pet? Cosmo is great with animals too!

Juliana M.

Juliana is a lover of all animals, especially cats! Born and raised in Tennessee, pet care has always been a passion of hers and she is also a cat mom to the sweetest 3-year-old Tabby, who is currently back home in Tennessee. Her level of patience and love for animals is what makes pet care so fulfilling for her. When she's not caring for furry friends, her time is spent working in the music industry as an artist manager and A&R.

Robyn O., Dispatcher

If you've contacted us on an evening or weekend, you probably had the pleasure of working with Robyn! Robyn is a retired nurse and lawyer and current dog mom to Clover and Snow.

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