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Our large network of professional, reliable and loving dog walkers and pet sitters are available to fulfill your pet's unique needs in the following neighborhoods: Bonita, Chula Vista, Imperial Beach, National City, San Diego, San Ysidro, Eastlake


I've loved animals my whole life and have always been the one to go save any animal when needed, from turtles to dogs. I love working with them because they all have their own unique personality and love unconditionally. I currently have a chihuahua (Jack) and a cat (Olaf) at home but would have MUCH more if I could. I love to be able to love going to work.


I grew up with dogs all my life. I love animals and I have been with Fetch since 2006. I am a real animal lover and am glad that Fetch is able to fulfill the need for people to go on a trip and have a pet sitter who is dedicated and treats pets as if they were there own.


Since childhood, I've felt an affinity for animals and grew up in a household that included various dogs, fish, cats, doves, a hamster, and parrots as family pets. I'm currently tending to a cockatiel and am looking forward to adopting a dog in the future. I'm equally happy to look after large and small breeds, having had experience helping private breeders in Florida. I enjoy getting to know the unique personalities of every pet I've been introduced to and look forward to ensuring that our clients' pets feel cared for and tended to.


I've been an animal lover my whole life and I started working with Fetch! in 2007 thinking that it would just be an awesome part-time job. Since then pets have become my passion and I can't imagine doing anything else but taking care of them. My household is currently home to 2 Siberian Huskies, Machiko and Stormy, a Papillon mix Tinki, and a hound-terrier mix Josie. I feel incredibly lucky not only to come home to so much love from my dogs but to be able go to work and feel the same from our clients' beautiful pets too.


I've had experience with a variety of pets all my life (dogs, cats, rats, guinea pigs, snakes, horses, and goats!). Animals make me happy, and that's what makes working with them so amazing. Even if they aren't my own, I still love building relationships with them. Pets deserve the best care, in which I do my best to provide.


I love pets and I work hard to spoil my own because they love me unconditionally. My husband (Nick) and I have two beautiful, well behaved/exercised rescued shepherd crosses named Takla and Koya. We also have a rescued tabby cat named Tiger and a rescued bearded dragon named Triton.

I have five years experience as a Veterinary Technician at both a day practice and emergency/critical care hospital. Additionally, I volunteer at the California Wolf Center, I worked with wild wolves in Yellowstone National Park, and did my Master's research studying wolf behavior, movement, and prey selection in northern British Columbia. I will bring all of my skills and experiences to provide you and your four-legged family with the love/care I know you all deserve!


I love working with dogs because I learn so much from them. They already know how to live in the moment/present and that is always such a good reminder for me!!

One of my dogs who I take on beach outings from Fetch is an incredible canine. When I can let him go off leash, his running abilities and jumping the waves bring me so much joy. He is having the time of his life for that period of time and his enthusiasm always makes me smile. On one of our outings, Toby jumped so many waves, that he actually tired himself out which is difficult to do. He loves all other dogs and people and is a role model of how to enjoy your life right in the moment.

Of course, the unconditional love I receive from my canines and from others makes it worth always having them in my life!! They in simple terms, enrich my life!


My name is Shelly and I have loved working with and for animals my whole life. I have shared my home with dogs, cats and rabbits as well as birds and small animals. My passion is fostering and I started out with wildlife and also enjoyed raising kittens and baby birds. I am now involved with rescuing bunnies, fixing them and finding them homes as well as occasionally taking in chihuahuas and placing them in loving homes. I work in the veterinary field and it has been my career for more than 25 years so I enjoy working with special needs pets too and own 4 of my own special needs cats.