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This agreement made and entered into this 20th day of May, 2019 by and between StetzTriDen, LLC dba FETCH! Pet Care (hereinafter referred to as “FETCH!”) and Releaser/Indemnitor (hereinafter referred to as “Owner”).

For and in consideration of a set fee to Owner as specified in FETCH!’s Work Order, FETCH! agrees to provide loving care for the pets specified in such Work Order. Such care to include, but not be limited to pet and/or home care as noted on FETCH!’s Work Order. Additional fees may be charged by FETCH! to Owner for additional services requested by Owner and noted on FETCH!’s Work Order. There will be a holiday surcharge of $10 per visit. An additional late-night charge of $10.00 for requested visits after 9:00 P.M. Emergency calls between Midnight and 6:00 A.M. will be billed at DOUBLE the listed per visit rate regardless of the cause of the emergency. Owner will provide all food and supplies. FETCH! reserves the right to purchase additional food and/or supplies for pet(s) if needed. Owner agrees to reimburse FETCH! for said additional food and/or supplies which may require FETCH! charging the credit/debit card listed below.

It is understood and agreed between Owner and FETCH! that this agreement contemplates that Owner will be in need of FETCH!’s services from time to time in the future, and it is further understood and agreed that the obligations and covenants contained herein shall apply to each provision of services in the future, without the need of entering into another agreement, unless altered in writing and signed by the parties herein. Either party may terminate their relationship to each other at any time for any reason, and any outstanding charges for services to date of termination provided by FETCH! shall be paid immediately by Owner. A new agreement must be executed if Owner moves. Owner will be notified of any price changes prior to or at time of new bookings.

In the event of an emergency involving the health of any pet being cared for by FETCH!, Owner hereby authorizes FETCH! to obtain such emergency veterinarian care by veterinarian specified by Owner for Owner’s pet(s) as FETCH! may deem necessary. Owner further authorizes FETCH! to incur veterinarian costs in the name of Owner. Owner agrees to indemnify and hold harmless FETCH! from any liability arising from such veterinary charges. Owner may incur an additional cost if FETCH! must transport pet(s) to veterinarian or wait at veterinarian. Unless specified in writing by Owner in the Client Information Sheet, Owner warrants that its pet(s) are current with all of their shots and vaccinations.

FETCH! will retain keys and any necessary access codes, properly secured, to Owner’s property until such time as Owner wishes them returned. No additional fees will be incurred by Owner for the return or replacement of said keys at time of scheduled service, however there will be an $15 fee charged if FETCH! must pick up or drop off the keys before or after the next service session. Keys will ONLY be returned in person to Owner, to Owner’s authorized representative, or by Certified Mail/Return Receipt. FETCH! won’t “leave” the key indoors at the last visit.

FETCH!’s insurance company shall be wholly liable for all claims of injury, death, damage or loss to Owner’s pet(s) or property, and FETCH! shall have no further liability to owner. As further consideration for the services rendered, Owner agrees to waive and release FETCH! and/or their representatives, other than FETCH!’s insurance company, from any claim for injury, loss, and/or death of Owner’s pet(s) and from any claim for loss and/or damage to Owner’s property including, but not limited to, that caused by Owner’s pet(s). Owner agrees to be responsible for any claim for injury, loss, and/or death of representative of FETCH! caused by Owner’s pet(s) and/or Owner’s property. Owner agrees to be responsible for any damages done at home of any FETCH! representative by Owner’s pets at time of boarding, day or evening care performed at the home of FETCH! representative. If Owner specifically requests that their dog be walked/exercised off-leash, Owner agrees to reimburse FETCH! for up to $500 insurance deductible if a claim is to be submitted for injury/damage sustained while their dog was off-leash. Owner agrees to contract work directly through FETCH!, and not privately with any FETCH! representative, during and for a period of two years following the last date of service performed by any representative of FETCH!.

For the safety and well being of your pet(s) and the security of your property, third parties are absolutely NOT permitted on the Owner’s premises under the terms of this agreement. Therefore, all parties agree that no other person(s), including Owner’s friends, family members and other third party contractors, shall have access to Owner’s pet(s) and/or property during the dates of service except FETCH! and their representatives. The police will be called on all intruders or suspicious acts. Persons that need to be on the property will be listed on FETCH!’s Work Order prior to Owner’s departure. FETCH!’s insurance company may not be liable for any claim of injury, death, damage or loss to Owner’s pet(s) or property if any third parties are on Owner’s premises during the term of FETCH!’s pet care assignment.

Pet and home care fees will be incurred by Owner and will be charged by FETCH! to Owner’s VISA or MASTERCARD credit/debit card listed on this sheet prior to at the completion of all said care listed on the Work Order. A $10 late fee will be incurred if amount owed is not received by FETCH! within 10 days of amount due date and will continue each month thereafter until paid. A “Return Check Charge” of no less than $25 will be incurred for all returned checks. A cancellation charge of 25% of assignment will be applied for assignments cancelled less than 48 hours of assignment starting date. A cancellation fee equal to 2 visits will be charged for all Holiday cancellations within 48 hours of scheduled start time. A one-time consultation charge of $20 will be applied if a consultation is made but the assignment cancelled.

It is hereby understood that FETCH! will charge the credit/debit card listed below for pet sitting fees and incurred charges. It is also understood that all fees paid are non-refundable, however a non-transferable credit may be issued by FETCH! and held on file for all unused visits for a period of 12 months from date of notification of cancellation. Owner is responsible for attorney’s costs for any legal action necessary for enforcement of this agreement.

Any declaration of dissatisfaction with service and/or request for refund must be made within 15 days after completion of service. Refunds will be determined between both Owner and FETCH! and shall be a reasonable amount within the scope of the total cost indicated in the Work Order.

Owner agrees to pay a Placement & Referral Fee if Owner directly employs or Agreements with any FETCH! domestic worker, independent contractor, former domestic worker, former independent contractor, employee or former employee of FETCH! for a period of Three Hundred and Sixty Five (365) days following the date which Owner last used said worker, contractor or employee for services rendered by FETCH!. In such instances, Owner agrees to pay a fee to FETCH! in the amount of the greater of Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00) OR the amount equivalent to one hundred percent (100%) of all revenues earned in the previous Three Hundred and Sixty Five (365) days from the date of said occurrence as a Placement and Referral Fee.

Hurricane season runs from June to November of each year, but storms can form at any time during the year. This policy will cover any natural disasters or weather emergency throughout the year.

During Hurricane season, for the safety of our customers’ pets and for the safety of our own employees, Fetch! Pet Care of Clear Lake would like to remind everyone of our Hurricane/Emergency Weather Policy:

Please inform your emergency contact of their responsibility if you will be traveling during hurricane season.

In the event that a hurricane watch or warning is issued, sitters will need to secure their own homes and possibly evacuate their own families and pets. We will first secure clients’ homes and pets to the best of our ability. Because we may not be able to reach clients before, during, or after a storm, we require each client to complete an emergency contact form when starting service with us. If you need to update your emergency contact to include a Hurricane/Severe Weather contact please call our office at 866-342-4625.

If a hurricane is projected to make possible landfall in the vicinity of the Houston/Galveston area (i.e. Houston/Galveston is within the projected path or “cone”), Fetch! Pet Care of Clear Lake clients (or their emergency contact) are expected to return home or pick up their pets at least two days before the storm makes landfall.

If you or your emergency contact are unable to return home or pick up your pet two days before the storm makes landfall then we will take the following steps:
We will secure your home to the best of our ability.
We will secure your pet in a room or crate for the duration of the storm.
After the storm is over and roads are passable, we will continue scheduled care.
No charge for missed visits due to a severe weather event. Extra charges may apply for any extended visit time necessary at your home prior to and after a storm.
No visits will be made during a storm. Please note that if a mandatory evacuation order is issued or if roads are closed or impassable, the pet sitter may not be able to return for an extended period of time.

IMPORTANT: Please note that should any pets end up being taken in by or evacuated with a sitter, the pet owners will be responsible for ALL costs involved, including but not limited to vehicle rentals (if necessary to accommodate animals), supplies, lodging, meals, gas, and time.

If you will be traveling during Hurricane season, you should take the following actions before leaving your home:
Secure your home
Secure outdoor furniture, plants, umbrellas, etc. Remove any items in the yard that may act as projectiles.

IMPORTANT: Sitters will only be able to do minor work, such as taking in small plants and items, and making sure windows and doors are locked. Extra charges may apply for any extended visit time necessary Please have friends, family, a handyman, or neighbors ready to go to your house on their own time to move large/heavy items and to board up doors and windows (if necessary). Fetch! Pet Care of Clear Lake and it’s employees are not responsible for any damage done to your home by a hurricane or other natural or man-made disaster.

Prepare your pets/pet supplies
Crates Each pet should have a crate/carrier large enough to stand and turn around in. Cat carriers should have enough room for a small litter box. Put bedding in the crate if your pet won’t ingest it. If possible, use masking or duct tape and an indelible marker to label the outside of each crate with pet’s name, type (dog/cat), your name, your address, your phone number, vet’s name and number, and any major medical problem.
Disaster Supply Kit The ASPCA, Red Cross, and Humane Society of the U.S. recommend that a disaster supply kit be prepared for your pets. It should be ready to go in an easy-to-carry duffle or watertight container.

Suggested Items for your Disaster Supply Kit
o Collar or harness with rabies and ID tags attached. Ideally, all dogs already will be wearing collars with ID tags
o Leashes for dogs
o Food and treats (plus manual can opener if necessary for canned food) to last 2 weeks. Remember there might be no refrigeration/electricity.
o Water to last 2 weeks
o Lightweight bowls
o Disposable cat litter box, scoop, and litter
o Paper towels, spray cleaner, trash bags, and baby wipes

Suggested Items for your Disaster Supply Kit Con’t
o Pet first aid kit
Place in a sealed zipper sandwich baggy inside the first aid kit:
Photo of EACH PET labeled on back with pet’s name & your contact info.
Copy of most recent vaccination record for EACH PET
Detailed instructions for EACH PET, including food, medications, and behavior problems
Microchip ID # and company contact information

We feel that it is critically important that our customers understand Fetch! Pet Care of Clear Lake and it’s employees are not a suitable emergency shelter or service for pets or humans in case of a hurricane event.

Everyone understands that a hurricane event (or even a “close call”) creates tremendous anxiety. It is never easy and many decisions are very difficult. However, we must be prepared to act quickly and intelligently in accordance with well-designed policies and procedures. We sincerely hope that our clients understand that the singular purpose of this policy is to protect your pets and our employees.


Thank You

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