Our Services & Pricing for Fetch Pet Care Douglas to Sarpy Co.

Quality Care for Your Precious Pet

Dog Walking - $23.99

Give your pet a daily dose of fun-filled exercise with a 30 minute walk...play time and feeding included

Pet Visit - $23.99

Cats and critters needs attention too! Sign up any of your beloved animal(s) for 30 minutes of undivided attention...play time and feeding included

Puppy Care - $38.99

Save yourself time and keep potty training consistent by providing 2, 15 minute potty breaks during the day while your away.

Pet Transport - $2.00 a mile

Does your pet need a lift to or from the groomers, vet, daycare or dog park? We got their tail covered.

Pet Medical Administration - $5 to $10

Our team of trained professionals handle everything from pills to injections.

Waste Clean Up - first visit $0.75 per minute, weekly service 10.99, biweekly 19.99 - additional pets $5 each

We're here to help pet owners by cleaning up pet waste. *poop scooping *litter box cleaning *cleaning critter cages

Special Occasions - call for a quote

Our team of experienced professionals are ready to serve animals at a hotel, wedding, when humans welcome a child, buying or selling a home. We're available to help you, your family and pets during an occasion!

Boarding at clients home - $76.99

Provide love and attention for your animal in the comfort of your home while you're away! Keeping pets at home lesson stress, keep a routine and offer owners a hassle free alternative to boarding at a kennel. Plus there's no time taken for drop-off and pick-up.

Almost Overnight - $76.99

Pet owners that want to keep their pets happy and healthy in the comfort of their own home choose Fetch. Almost Overnight is one of many options of care for pets while their owners are away. *1hour visit in the AM *2hour visit in the PM