Services & Pricing for Fetch Pet Care East Austin

Quality Care for Your Precious Pet

Dog Walking - starting at $27 for 30 minute walk, $6 per additional 15 minutes

Having a hard time keeping your dog active when you are busy? Let us help you by providing a dog walker to take your dog on a leashed walk around your neighborhood or in a park near you while you are at work or out and about! Our dog walkers can do 30, 45 or 60 minute walks. Help your pup to live his/her best life! There is a $5 additional pet fee, $10 holiday, last minute

Pet Sitting- starting at $27 for a 30 minute visit; $6 per additional 15 minutes

Need help with your furry family members while you are away or super busy? A cat sitter or dog sitter near you can give you peace of mind that your loved one is being taken care of. Visits include food, water, litter box/cage cleaning. We can come check on your pets multiple times a day if needed. This includes caged pets too! There is a $5 additional pet fee, $10 holiday, last minute

Overnight House and Pet Sitting (12 Hours) - starting at $90

Do you need someone to watch your pets AND your home while you are away? Let us give you peace of mind that a trusted pet sitter near you will be in your home keeping an eye on everything and making sure your pets are well taken care of! A house sitter/pet sitter will stay in your home for 12 hours from 7p until 7am the next day. Additional visits will need to be set up for walks or pet visits during each day. Additional pet fees also apply ($10 more per additional dog and $5 more per additional cat or other pet)

Pet Taxi- starting at $25 each way; Add $1 per mile over 10 miles

Are you having trouble getting your pets where they need to go? We can provide pet transportation to take them to the groomer, vet or doggy daycare or wherever they need to go! $5 additional pet fee; $10 holiday, last minute or extra mileage surcharges may apply

Pet Medication Administration - starting at $5 to add on

Does your pet need medications while you are at work or unavailable? Our experienced sitters can drop by and administer medications your pet needs. Just oral and topical (no injections at this time)

Puppy Sitting - starting at $40

A new puppy at home is so much fun but is a LOT of work! We can help with consistency and routine to help your pup with exercise, play and potty training.

Private Pet Boarding in the Sitters Home - starting at $90

Are you going to be away and need a trusted person to keep your pet? Our sitters can do dog boarding and keep your pet safe and treat them as part of their family! Your pet can stay in the sitters home while you are away. They will receive care nearly 24/7. Additional pet fee for more than 1 pet.

Almost Overnight Pet Sitter- $100

Does your pet need to be checked on but does well in your home during night hours? Your pet sitter will come to your home and spend 2 hours with your pet in the early evening to feed, water, walk and play. The trusted sitter will return to your home in the morning for a 1 hour visit for another potty break, short walk or play. $5 additional pet fee; $10 holiday surcharge may apply

Private Trail Hikes/On Leash Jog - $50 for 60 minute hike/jog; $6 additional 15 minutes

Is your dog high energy and loves to get our of the neighborhood for new adventures? Our sitter can pick up your dog and head to a nearby trail for a leashed hike or jog. Transport time is included. $5 additional pet fee, $10 Holiday or last minute surcharge may apply

Away for the Day - starting at $85 for 4 hours

Are you going to be busy for the day and need someone to watch your dog for a few hours? Are you moving and need to show your house or need help with your pet during the move? Our sitter can pick up your pup and take him/her for a walk, play time and stimulation while you are away. Transportation time is included. $5 additional pet fee, $10 Holiday or last minute surcharge may apply