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Meet our trusted Pet Sitters!


I grew up in the “neighborhood petting zoo”. From a young age I have been surrounded by all types of pets, from frogs to goats! I was ecstatic to move to Austin after learning how much people here loved their dogs, and was finally able to adopt my own pup, Koko. I have fallen in love with this city, and you can usually find me searching for squirrels with Koko or hanging out with our cat Jigglypuff and watching some TV. I look forward to meeting your furry, feathered, or scaly family members!


As a child, some of my best memories are climbing trees with my beagle and riding my horse. Both taught me the joys and responsibility animals bring to our lives. When traveling or busy with work, finding someone to care for our pets can be a challenge. That is why I chose to work with Fetch! I will enjoy spoiling your pet and offering you peace of mind. I have experience with all kinds of pets. Before moving to Austin, I volunteered with a shelter to foster, train and find homes for dogs. I am always looking for ways to add steps to my day.


Hi, I’m Julie! I am an adventurer. I love variety and travel. I am creative and find inspiration in new spaces. I am compassionate and have a natural ability to nurture the things that mean the most to others. House and pet sitting allow me to find all of these unique facets in one place.

I work in the public sector and am also a training and facilitation consultant focused on values-driven leadership development and community engagement. Since the pandemic has made my work mostly virtual, I can work most days from your home to keep your pets company.

I look forward to getting to know you and bringing a nurturing energy into your home!


I have loved animals for as long as I can remember. I grew up with two dogs and a cat. I currently go to school in New Orleans for criminal justice but love being back in Austin for the breaks! I also am a dance instructor for all ages. Surprisingly, pet sitting and working with toddlers have some similarities! I pet sit for my family and friends and wanted to extend my love for animals with Fetch! I love all animals as they have such unique personalities. I look forward to meeting your fur babies!


Hiiii fellow pet lovers,

I am excited to provide care for your loved ones to keep a happy & healthy home!
I have a history of volunteering at shelters and personally can not imagine a life without a pet, as I have always had at least a cat or dog.  I currently have 4 rescues: 2 cats & 2 dogs. My history of pets also includes: guinea pigs, hamsters, sugar gliders, fish, horses, and more.
I’m a retired dental hygienist and I found great joy in helping others overcome anxiety; the same kind of calm treatment will be taken with your pets. When I need to find my calm, I enjoy getting my hands in soil tending to plants, so if your plants need some TLC, I can help there too!
Looking forward to meeting you all 🌿


Hello, my name is Analisa Schmitt.  I am excited to be a part of the Fetch Team! I grew up in South Texas on a ranch. Growing up, we always had dogs and cats as well as other farm animals. My mom taught me compassion and love for animals at a young age. I now live on 3 acres with my 4 dogs, 2 cats, chickens, and ducks. My family would say I spoil them all 🙂

I have many years of experience caring for pets. I recently retired as an Admin Assistant in education from Bastrop ISD. Since I have such a passion for caring, loving, and playing with animals, I decided this would be a wonderful new adventure doing something I love. I look forward to caring for your pets and giving them all the love and attention they need!


Hi, I’m Angeles. I am super excited to be a part of the Fetch Team. I am from the Rio Grande Valley born and raised and moved to Austin to continue my education in Business. On my time off I love to spend time with my dog Bentley & going on long walks & hikes. I know of some great areas with lots of lands to cover for your pup. I absolutely love animals and the bond of love, respect, and safety. I have many years of experience caring for pets as I have had all types of animals in my life. I cannot wait to spoil your pets!

I am looking forward to meeting your furry friends!


Hi, my name is Amanda and I absolutely adore pets/animals of all kinds! I have my kitty and 2 bunnies.  All of my friends and family know if there’s an animal in distress whether it be a hurt bird on the sidewalk or a kitten they found or a mouse stuck in a glue trap that I’m the one to call to go help and rescue. I look forward to meeting all of your fur babies, know they will be in great hands!



Hi, I’m Allison! I have always been an avid animal lover and am excited to care for your beloved pets. Growing up, I affectionately nicknamed our home “The Zoo” because we always had a house full of animals, from cats, hamsters, and parrots, to turtles, frogs, and fish. I continued the tradition and currently keep my own Zoo, running a charmingly chaotic house full of two energetic dogs and four quirky cats. Plus, I often host friends’ dogs when their owners are out of town! My favorite pastime is curling up with a good book and a steaming mug of coffee, surrounded by sweet and snuggly furry companions. I am a writer, and one of my favorite aspects of working for Fetch! is crafting journal entries for you, sharing photos of your adorable pets and chronicling our fun time together. I look forward to meeting your beloved animal companions (and you!) and making new friends!



Hi, my name is Chana! I’m an Austin local who came back to the city after college. I’ve always been fond of animals. Growing up, we had a hedgehog, a cat, and a baby bird our cat brought home one day that we raised and released back into the wild.

As an adult, I’ve pet sit for friends and family for over 5 years, and have done a bit of fostering in the area. I also live with my own furry friend (a dog named Sadie!). On weekends, you can usually find us out on a hike or splashing around in a riverbed! I’m used to long walks, so I’d be happy to take your fur babies on as long a hike as they need to get out all of their energy!

I think anyone who has spent any time with animals can see that they are sentient and have their own individual personalities, quirks and emotions. (Personally, I believe dogs are just fluffy toddlers!)

I’d love to get the chance to learn all the things about your furry (or not-so-furry) friends that make them unique!


Hello paw friends! I’m a true Austinite born and raised in Austin, Texas. I have always had a deep love and compassion towards animals of all kind. All growing up I adopted dogs and currently I have one dog and two cats. They are my world. It has always brought me great joy pet sitting for friends and family members. Easing their worries while they’re away and returning to a clean, happy, healthy home. I am looking forward to meeting you and your fur babies!



Hi, my name is Luisa and I was born and raised in a small town in Mexico. I grew up around all kinds of farm animals and my love for dogs started when I was just 5 years old when my parents got us a tiny Chihuahua. As time went by, my family started growing and adoptions started- first the sweetest pit bull, next a Boxer with an old soul, and then a rescue of the cutest playful puppy.

I love that with Fetch I am taking care of other family members the same way I like my babies to be taken care of, by understanding their personality and giving them lots of love!