Meet the Fetch Pet Care Eastbay Team

Meet Our Team

Browse the pictures and profiles of our professional, reliable, and loving pet sitting and dog walking team!

Robyn, Owner of Fetch! Pet Care

Hi, I am the owner and pet sitter. I have been pet sitting since 2003 and have experience in ALL domestic pets. I started out doing group, off leash pack walks and have gained a lot of experience and knowledge in dog behavior from years of this work. I specialize in fearful, reactive and behaviorally challenging dogs. I am a lover of all animals and know how to provide injections and sub q fluid. I have experience with dogs, cats, bunnies, horses, goats, pigs, chickens, birds, fish, rodents and reptiles :)


My name is Sidney and I’m a lover of all animals, big and small. I have 2 pets, a chihuahua and a carolina dog, that I love like my children. I’ve taken care of cats, dogs, and some interesting others my whole life. I’m so enthusiastic to continue taking care of many animals/owners needs! i am cat and dog CPR certified :)


I'm a Bay Area native with a love for animals. I have had 4 years of dog daycare experience, 2 years was spent walking dogs off leash in Bernal Heights Park and John Mclaren in San Francisco. In my spare time I enjoy music and drawing.


Hi, I’m Taylor - I’m a proud owner of the most rambunctious German Shepherd named Eve. I recently relocated to the Bay Area from Philly & look forward to getting to know the neighborhood by caring for your pets!


Hello my name is Makenna I've taken care of all types of animals…from reptiles to cats, birds, small animals and dogs. I have I'll care for your animal as if it were my own!


I LOVE ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very reliable, trusting and flexible. Since 2014 I have been a dog walker, sitter and best friend to pets. I enjoy the routine and guarantee your pets will be well cared for. Also I am available for overnights in your home so you can relax and enjoy your time away while your pets are safe and comfortable in their own environment.


I retired from my corporate job 6 yrs ago. I was a senior project manager for a technology company, I ran the Wells Fargo ATM Banking Division Contract. I started walking dogs as a hobby for friends and then through word of mouth, I became a full time dog Walker/pet sitter. I became an employee for fetch because I am a client as well!


Hi, my name is Natalia and I just love working with the fur babies! I have experience working with all different type of breeds and size dogs as well as working with cats from my previous jobs which was a pet hotel for 3 years and I also worked at a pet hospital. Currently I have 3 small fur babies and 2 cats of my own. I look forward to seeing all the happy tails.


Emily is familiar with all different types of domestic pets since her mother was a vet tech. She has grown up around animals and specializes in boarding at her home in a cage-free and loving environment. She currently has no other pets so she can also care for dogs that are best boarded alone.


Hi I'm Chelsea I'm 29 years young and a Bay Area native. I've always had an overwhelming passion for animals since I was a child and nothing has changed in adulthood. I've cared for many animals including rodents. I pride myself on caring for animals, professionalism, reliability, trustworthiness and tons of fun. I believe all animals can sense good and bad in people and I've never met an animal I didn't love and that didn't love me in return. I can't wait to meet you and your fur baby.


Alex has worked in the pet care industry many years and is familiar with all different breeds, ages and temperaments. She specializes in dog walking and cat visits. She currently also works at a pet store part time.


I am a pre-med student currently on a two-years gap to heal and grow myself, most especially socially. I enjoy pet care because of the opportunity to learn care outside of human care. I look forward to helping you and your pet!


I grew up with animals always finding me. From cats to calf's, strays always seem to know they are safe with me. Because I like to be on the go, dog walks turn into dog adventures with many flowers along the way to sniff.


Hi there! My name is Hallie, and I’m an Oakland local and outdoors-lover with a huge soft spot for 4-legged friends (and scaly, feathery, and other friends too!). I enjoy exploring California’s natural beauty, drinking warm drinks, and I look forward to getting to know you and the unique, beloved animals in your family!


Animals come into our lives to deliver us with many life lessons. I have come to learn much about animals by having one of my own, as is the nature of things. One of the biggest lessons comes in the form of the subtlety of their expression, their communication ability. It has allowed me to access much more by listening rather than speaking. Bandit, my border collie companion is a master teacher, constantly teaching me what it is to be filled with joy. He opened a bridge inside, one that now grants me access to other animals and the way in which we can dialogue and be understood. Animals maintain a beautiful stronghold in my heart and in my daily exchange.


I’ve grown up with pets my whole life and have a deep love for animals. Growing up I would pet sit for the people in my community and still do it now for my close friends when they go out of town. When I was about 17 my family left to go on vacation and I trusted a friend of mine to watch our pets. She ended up leaving them without telling us, which was very traumatic for us and the animals. This experience solidified the already very solid stance I take, that when you are watching someone else’s animals you treat them as your own and give them as much love as possible.

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