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I am so thankful that Fetch exists in Birmingham. My family has a farm and I was supposed to tend to it while they were on vacation. I had something important come up that made it to where I could not be there for 2 of the 7 days that I had intended to be. A friend told me about Fetch! Pet care and I called them. I talked to Heather which was so sweet! She not only took care of the dogs on the property, she let out, fed, and came back to put up the chickens both days. We have one horse and she let him out of the stall during all 4 visits, fed and walked him! I can not express the gratitude I have for her and this company enough! I 100% recommend this company!
Amy, 1/27/2021
Heather has taken care of my dogs many times. Loves them as her own. Snuggles and plays with them to make them feel loved!
Susan, 2/2/2021
Fetch Pet Care is wonderful! I was so impressed from the first call. Heather Nolin was very professional and did such a great job setting all of our expectations. She came to meet our baby Callie ahead of time and she took up with her right away! I was so grateful to have someone that I can trust to take care of our sweet lab while we were away!! I knew Callie girl would be in good hands and someone she felt comfortable with! Fetch was a lifesaver and Heather was great to work with from beginning to end. I think Callie already misses her!! Thanks Fetch and we look forward to using you again soon.
Amy, 03/01/2021

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