Services & Pricing for Fetch Pet Care Frisco

Quality Care for Your Precious Pet

We understand the need for your pets to be comfortable, safe, and well-cared for. Our Fetch! Pet Care Professionals are bonded, insured, and highly-trained to prioritize your pet’s care. Whether it be a single walk, recurring pet visits, or a week-long overnight visit, we match the right sitter with the right pet every time.

Our process is simple:

  1. We meet you and your pet during a free “meet & greet” so you, and your pet, get to know us before the first service. Providing peace of mind is our top priority.
  2. Our team takes from here and does the best possible job. They do this because we give them all of the knowledge and tools they need to care for your pets.

It’s that simple. 

Dog Walking - Starting at $25

Having a hard time keeping up with your pet’s daily dog walk-in routine? Let us walk the walk for you! Our professional, loving dog walkers will come to your home, leash up your furry friend, and take them on a 30, 45, or 60-minute walk.

Pet Sitting - Starting at $25

Need someone to check in on your pet(s) while you’re away? We can have an animal loving pet sitter stop by to give your pet food, water, and all the attention and love required. To ensure you can enjoy your time away to the fullest, we provide daily updates including photos/videos, accommodate scheduled changes, and can accommodate last-minute request.

Overnight Pet Care - $95

We all hate leaving our pets behind when heading out of town, but one way to make sure they’re as comfortable as possible is to provide them care in their familiar environment. With Fetch Overnight Pet Care, we’ll have one of our highly-trainings and background-checked sitters stay the night to take care of your pet’s food, water, and exercise needs.

Puppy Program - $45

You love your new puppy with all your heart… but you’re less fond of stained carpets, chewed up shoes, and slobbery clothing. Thankfully, you don’t have to go through the process of transforming your little rascal into a well mannered companion all by yourself. Our local sitters can help you customize the perfect feeding, exercise, and potty schedule for your pup, truly helping them grow and develop into the best pup they can be.

Pet Transport - Starting at $25

You can’t always step away from your daily responsibilities to take your pet to the groomers or vet. And now, you don’t have to! With our pet taxi service, a qualified pet sitter will pick up your pet and bring them wherever they need to go. We’ll send lots of updates accompanied with photos, so that you can see exactly how your pet is doing on their little solo adventure. Your pet will get the care they need and you’ll be able to fully focus on your other responsibilities.

Pet Medical Administration - Starting at $5

Receiving medicine can be an undesirable and sometimes scary experience for a pet. But we can make it a little easier. Our medical administrators are experienced in more than just giving medicine. They take care to make sure your pet feels comfortable and safe throughout the experience. So whether your pet has been recently neutered, diagnosed with an illness, or just needs its monthly heartworm medication, leave it to us to get them their prescribed medication as scheduled.

Dog Training - Starting at $250

Having problems training your dog? Maybe your dog is too excitable and out of control, or maybe your dog is timid and shy and having problems dealing with the world. We work with all different dogs and breeds, whatever their challenges, to bring out the best in every dog/human team. We take the time to get to know each dog and adjust our program accordingly. Yes, we train you too! Our programs cannot be successful without the owner’s participation. We train your dog, and then we coach you on how to keep it all going. Our clients are successful because they are dedicated to their dogs, committed to learning, and continue to be consistent as they go forward. We love our clients and they are part of the Fetch! family! For more information on our dog training get in touch with us today.

Pet Photography - Call for quote

Pet photography is a creative way to capture your furry family members in a unique and meaningful way. Not only will you have beautiful memories to look back on, but you will also be able to share those memories with friends and family. Whether you have a puppy, a kitten, or a more exotic pet, a pet photographer will be able to capture the special personality of your pet in a way that will make your heart melt.