Meet the Fetch Pet Care Milwaukee Team

Meet Our Team

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I’m Jackie and am a true animal lover! I have been dog walking and pet sitting for family, friends and neighbors for over 40 years and have had my own pets my entire life. Whenever I was unable to have a pet (in college, travelling abroad) I volunteered at humane societies, cat shelters and dog training institutes in order to provide joy, exercise, love, and care to the pets in the community. Pet sitting and dog walking doesn’t feel like a job to me, it’s a when I get to spend time with your four-legged family members and be the friendly face they look forward to seeing when your away.


I grew up in a small town in rural Iowa. Growing up my family always had pets including birds, cats, and dogs. The dogs were a Chihuahua up to a German Shepherd and plenty of sizes in between. I am also used to farm animals. I enjoy being active and love the outdoors and nature. Traveling is a hobby I enjoy also. I have lived in Hales Corners the last 24 years with my wife Bridget. My 2 sons are all grown up. My dog is all grown up too and currently turned 12 years old. We adopted him from the humane society when he was a puppy. I recently retired and I can't think of a better use of my time than caring for pets in my spare time.

Donna Moss

Donna is fortunate enough to have worked with all 5 of her inspiring co-founders of Fetch! Pet Care of Greater Milwaukee. She retired in May 2021 after 33 years of teaching in the Milwaukee Public School system. More recently, she has worked as the General Manager for Fetch! Pet Care of Greater Chicago. She loved it so much, she just had to share the opportunity with some of her teaching colleagues in Milwaukee. She has shared her home with Basset Hounds and, more recently, cats for over 20 years. She loves working with the Fetch! team and clients and is looking forward to a long and happy relationship.

Carolyn Alonzo

Carolyn has owned the Chicago location for 15 years and now she's expanding into the Milwaukee area helping to run the first Wisconsin Fetch! Pet Care location. Milwaukee has always meant a lot to Carolyn, so she's thrilled to be a part of an incredible group of passionate animal lovers.

Karen Ambrosh

Karen is proud to be co-founder of Fetch! Petcare of Greater Milwaukee, along with the other 5 amazing women on the team. She works for the Greenfield School District and lives in Milwaukee with her husband Darol, her mom Mary Ann, Addie the Pug, and Alice the cat. Pets are our family and deserve trusting, loving care at home where they are happiest.

Jane Posanski

Jane lives in Milwaukee, Wi. with her wonderful husband Steve who shares the same compassion for all animals. Canine or feline, furry or feathery, big or small, they LOVE them ALL. They have raised two wonderful Labrador Retrievers, K.C. and Chloe. Their pups kept them very active! She continues to work in the Milwaukee Public School District where she has the opportunity to touch the lives of so many. Now she can also look forward to providing excellent service to Fetch! clients and staff. She's proud to say "We Love 'em like You Do!"

Kate Vannoy

Kate Vannoy is one of the six founding ladies of Fetch! Pet Care of Greater Milwaukee. She raised kids with her fabulous husband Art in beautiful Bay View. They now live in and are getting to know the equally lovely Jackson Park neighborhood. Kate is a big fan of all creatures - great & small. She is excited to help make sure pets in the Greater Milwaukee area are well cared for!

Sarah Fadness

Sarah has been a pet lover her entire life (her very first word was the name of the family dog), and especially loves cats. Like the other Milwaukee founders of Fetch! Pet Care of Greater Milwaukee, Sarah’s first career is in education; she has been a classroom teacher for almost thirty years in Milwaukee Public Schools. She also works at American Family Field, and has a variety of interests, including travel. She understands the need to have trusted care for the furry parts of the family while traveling or visiting out of the city and is excited to bring reassurance to other pet owners. Sarah currently lives in her Milwaukee home with cats Simon and Russell, and still misses all of the cats who were part of her life in the past.