Meet the Fetch Pet Care Greater Boston Team

Meet Our Team

Browse the pictures and profiles of our professional, reliable, and loving pet sitting and dog walking team!

Mauricio Familiar

Hi, I'm Mauricio Familiar, local owner and operator of Fetch! Pet Care, servicing the area of Greater Boston. Mauricio Familiar is the proud owner of Fetch! Pet Care servicing the greater Andover area. With a focus on exceptional service and reliable care, I am excited to offer a wide range of services for client’s four-legged family members. I think working with and for pets is very noble and I am thrilled to bring topnotch pet care to families. I know pets are an important part of families and Fetch! will treat them as such when you are away!

Montse Familiar

Hi! I am Montse. I am a professional and reliable Pet Caregiver. I live in Lowell and my parents in Andover, so, I feel like in home around the area. I have loved animals since I was a little kid. I have had dogs, hamsters, lizards, bunnies and even little chinchillas. I like animals and hikes almost as much as your dog does. I am also a Marketing professional and would love to take beautiful pictures and videos of your pet while we are playing or walking and send them to you real time! I look forward to befriend of you and your furry love ones!.

Bridget Froding

Hi! I’m Bridget and animals have been a huge part of my life since the day I was born. I currently own two dogs, a betta fish, two snails, and a chinchilla! As you can tell, I love all types of animals and I’m always researching how to improve their lives. Not only am I an experienced pet owner, but a pet caretaker for others as well. My family, friends, and even my neighbors have put their trust in me for years to take care of their pets and I have loved every second of it! Aside from my passion for animals, I am a recent graduate of Syracuse University where I majored in television, radio, and film. I hope to become a star in Hollywood one day! I also love exploring and taking photos. I can’t wait to treat your pet the way they deserve!

Gena Moore

Hi! I'm Gena, I have had several pets throughout my life, and the four dogs I've had have been a massive part of my life. To me, my dogs may as well be my babies because they are so important to me. I am typically the primary caregiver for my dogs when I am at home. I take them with me wherever I can, bring them to dog parks, take them for walks, play with them, teach them tricks, etc. I have done pet sitting for many families who have trusted their dogs and cats to me, and I correspond to that confidence with the highest quality and professionalism I can provide.

Hannah Buzby

As a girl on her family’s farm, Hannah’s first pet was a barn cat, Mama Kitty. Then she had two dogs, Freddy who was a Springer Spaniel Mix; then Speck, a real Mutt, who gave the family 2 beautiful litters of puppies; which were doted on by Hannah and her brothers, before being adopted. As an adult she has cared for adult cats Malcolm, Monkey, and Marge, who she adopted and Sadie and Spike, Marge’s kittens. She also volunteered at Nevins Farm as a Cat Caregiver. Hannah enjoys birdwatching, hiking, and skiing. She loves working for Fetch! because she has a great schedule and looks forward to seeing her clients' dogs and cats every day. Hannah is a cat sitter, dog walker and offers personalized boarding in her home. Hobbies/Interest: Hannah likes to read historical novels, with a warm cat for company.

Danielle Maccini

Danielle has always had a passion for animals of all kinds! Growing up she was always lucky enough to have dogs be such an important part of her life! She has owned a coton de tuclear and most recently a zuchon! She’s also recently become a cat mom to two beautiful kitties! Shes Bebe dog sitting and walking for about 5 years now and loves every moment of it! She’s had experience with giving dogs medication, walking and watching both big and small dogs, as well as boarding dogs! She also has experience with cats, fish, birds, and bunnies! Danielle is a huge advocate of some outside time and enjoys playing outside with furry friends as well as long walks! In her spare time she is a runner, having ran 4 marathons and training for a 5th, so she enjoys bringing your dog on this long walks just as much as they like going on them! She’s ready for whatever needs your animals may have! Hobbies/Interest: Danielle is an exercise junkie and loves running! She is training for her 5th marathon! She also loves baking and spending time with her family! In her spare time she loves to take her dog Winnie on adventures!

Gillian Audier

Gillian is a college student with a passion for taking care of animals of all kinds! Growing up animals were an important part of her life. She now owns a cat, snake, hamster, and several fish. She has walked and pet-sit for several families over the years and has always loved meeting new animals. Outside of loving her pets, she enjoys going on hikes, gardening, and beekeeping.

Liam Kelly

Hello! My name is Liam Kelly I am a graduate from Northeastern University with a passion for pets. I’ve loved animals ever since I was a kid and have a lot of experience with animals as a Pet Care Giver. I’ve also rescued a beautiful cat (Maithai) for 2 years now! I’m best with dogs and cats but I am willing to work with any animal!

Isabella Martin

Hi, I am Isabella. Throughout my whole life, I have been around cats. Recently, I have welcomed into my family three loving dogs (Yorkies), two bunnies, and another kitten. All this love for animals started somewhere growing up in Florida. Before I moved to Massachusetts, I used to train and walk my neighbor’s boxer. From that moment on, I knew I had a passion, and joy, for these precious fur babies. No matter how small, or large, my heart loves them all! I am currently in nursing school! If I pass these next two semesters, then I graduate in May! When I am not studying, I am taking care of my one-year-old and all my fur babies! I also enjoy fishing and listening to music on my spare time.

Savannah Saint Germain

Throughout her life, Savannah has taken care of dogs, cats, guinea pigs, lizards and fish. Her animal care experience includes pilling dogs and cats along with working with small and big dogs. Savannah enjoys spending time with her furry friends and looks forward to working with yours!! She loves working for Fetch! because she adores animals and is very trustworthy with your pet. Look at all the smiles she's gotten! Emma loves baking and cooking as well as art and music. She enjoys watching movies as well BUT, her favorite pastime is taking care of animals.

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