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The ladies at Fetch! Pet Care is exceptional with our Taemo
Tish , 2/27/23
I love the care the Fetch sitters give our pup Remy and the daily pics in the journal!
Nick, 2/8/23
We love the services offered and how much each person truly cares.
Abigail K., 2/6/23
The people… the quality of service and the app!
Gina, 2/6/23
The exceptional performance of the team of dog walkers. They take excellent care of our pets.
Kim R., 1/30/23
Amazing service, very happy!
Nicole B., 1/9/23
You won't find a better team of professionals to leave your pet care in. Thye goes above and beyond and always if there are any issues about caring for my cats and dogs.
Tanya, 12/16/22
The exceptional performance of the team of dog walkers. They take excellent care of our pets.
Kim Raphael, 10/10/22
Amazing service. Very happy! I will definitely be using them again.
Nicole Boughan, 1/9/23
I love the open communication and the ease of the app. Receiving pictures of our cat put my mind at ease that he was safe and healthy while we were so far away.
Crystal M., 1/3/23
They treat your furbabies like their very own. I love seeing my pups interact with each sitter. Just amazing all around!!
Amy Watkins, 1/2/23
They take great care of the furbabies! I definitely will be using them again.
George S., 12/26/22
I love Kristina and all her walkers! I love the app and the updates after their walks….
Gina Matacia, 10/24/22
We love our fetch team! They genuinely love our Melon like their own dog!
Abigail Komplin, 10/24/22
Emily is wonderful with our kitties when we are away. In her journal notes, I can tell she is attentive and caring based on what she notices about our kitties. She goes beyond our expectations and puts our minds at ease while we are away from home. The journal notes are lovely, along with the photos of work completed. Kristina and Emily are the best! I love using the app-- it makes staying in touch very easy. If I had one ask for improvement, it would be that the app is counterintuitive and confusing to navigate. Improving that will make ease of business flawless. I am really grateful I found Fetch!
Cathy Schmidt, 10/18/22
The personal warmth and care for pets are incredible at Fetch. The personnel cares as much about my pet as I do.
Clauida Mosey, 9/30/22
I love that I can leave my pets and not worry about their care. The photos that are posted on my account are a bonus too! They are great people to work with as well.
Sharon Nolan, 9/23/22
Kristina and Brianna are a fantastic team taking care of my babies, Pearl & Penny. They stayed overnight at our home, and the dogs were cared for like their own. They sent us tons of pictures and videos, and it was so clean you didn't even know that they had stayed for several days. They're always my go!
Kim Gordon, 9/14/22
Everyone is so nice & kind. I’m grateful that they are such caring people!!! They also don’t take advantage of you on extra charges. They are awesome!!!!
Candice Silano, 9/14/22
Kristina is wonderful and dependable. I do not have to worry when she is caring for my pet and administering his insulin shots. I only use Fetch! Pet Care. Love them!!!!
Mary Schnitzler, 9/5/22
They take care of your beloved pet as if it were their own. They even did a daily procedure on our beloved Maggie many times when on vacation or if I was traveling on business. Wonderful people, I’m proud to call my friend.
Tom Poe, 9/5/22
I love how timely and caring and how everything is done so well! Thank you for caring for my fur babies when I’m not home!
Tina Sansone, 8/16/22
Such personalized care. Knowledgeable and responsible about administering my dogs’ medications. Lots of pics and updates. I've used them many times for my pets. It’s undeniable Kristina and her family love dogs!
Connie hunley, 8/1/22
I love that Rayne and Kristina have such a good connection with Lilly. They help train her, show patience, and love her for the crazy pup that she is. Their knowledge is beneficial, and I’m comfortable knowing Lilly is in the best hands when I’m away.
Cindy Peterson, 7/5/22
Professional and very thorough! Followed instructions and plenty of pictures to reassure us!
Cindy Rogers, 6/21/22
The pet sitters from Fetch are very dependable and take excellent care of my pets. I never worry about their care while I’m away. I love all the photos and updates from every visit. They have always contacted me immediately if there is an issue. I highly recommend them!
Renee Turner, 5/23/22
Great service every time they take care of Zena !! THANK YOU!!!!
Terry Frey, 4/18/22
I love that my sitters were dependable and friendly and that I felt comfortable entrusting my dogs' care to strangers I felt like I could trust. I enjoyed getting pictures and notes from my sitters every time they came. I was happy that this service was available, and I didn’t have to put my elderly dogs in a stressful situation by boarding them away from home. I was extremely pleased with the service and would recommend it without reservation to friends and family.
Tara R. , 4/18/22
Everything about Fetch! Pet Care of Greater Florence is awesome! The journals, pictures, videos, and constant communication kept my mind at ease.
Jacqueline D. , 12/30/2021
Professional, dependable, and will love your pets like their own!
Renee, 1/18/2022
Fetch is absolutely wonderful with our babies. Very thoughtful, reliable, and experienced. We have used Fetch twice for a week each time and everything went well. I’d definitely recommend Fetch (and have) to people anytime! Grateful to have such a conscientious team!
Karen D., 1/18/2022
Very professional and you know your dogs are taken care of the way you would when you are gone. Love the fact that Fetch takes pics and updates you throughout the process. Would highly recommend Fetch for anyone that wants quality care for their pets while away from home!!
Ken C., 1/19/2022
We trust Kristina completely. We have two special needs small dogs now and she is not only extremely competent and reliable, but she also truly treats our fur babies as if they were her own. She even was willing to allow me to train her on a daily procedure for our oldest dog and did it daily for two weeks as well as I do.
Thomas P., 1/19/2022
They are the best!!! It's like having a member of your own family taking care of your pets. They go above and beyond every time!!!
Amy W., 1/26/2022
I love this family so much and I am so happy they are part of fetch! It has only been 3 weeks and getting their journal about my puppers is the best part of my workday… they are some of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and they truly care about my pups… I am so glad that I found them…
Gina Matacia, 12/21/21
We had a wonderful experience from start to finish. The meet and greet went well, the owner is very responsible and responsive, and they are just good people. All of our babies loved Brianna and she was so thorough during her visits! She sent multiple pictures on every visit with a summary of the visit. We had peace of mind on the trip knowing our animals were well cared for in our absence. We would definitely recommend Fetch!!
Karen Dyer, 11/25/2021
Kristina and Brianna have been a dream come true! Their daily journals and photos let us see how happy our kitties are under their care. We truly feel so lucky to have peace of mind knowing our fur babies are loved and happy. We have always had excellent service that has exceeded our expectations. We are forever grateful 💙
Mary Schnitzler, 11/21/2021
I like the service Kristina provides. I felt my dogs were loved as her own! I cannot say enough good things about her caring for my fur babies!
Tina Partin Zerhusen, 11/15/2021
The communication and daily updates calmed my nerves with my newly diabetic puppy. She not only gave my diabetic dog her insulin but updated me about my other two dogs during her visits. She’s so compassionate. Her love of animals is amazing. My dogs love her.
Lauren Gilmore, 11/09/2021
The ultimate in caring and kindness showed to your pet, great job with updates and information about the care of your pet.
Michael Mudd, 10/25/2021
Friendly, professional, willing, and able to administer meds and supplements. True dog people! My dogs love Kristina and Brianna. They always provide lots of pics and daily updates. They treat my dogs like they are their own. My Corgis love getting to see them come for their visits. A few weeks ago, due to multiple health issues that were worsening, we had to make the very hard decision to help our sweet little senior Beagle cross the rainbow bridge. Kristina and her family honored little Basil’s life by having a star named in his memory. We were very touched by this super kind gesture. They are the best!
Connie Hunley, 11/01/2021
Very dependable, great customer service, including daily updates about my pet, and my pet is always happy when I return home.
Lori Smith, 10/19/2021
Ease of scheduling, and personal touch to services and care for the needs of my blind and deaf pet.
Nancy Teegarden, 10/18/2021
Personalized and caring service. We needed someone quickly and Kristina was responsive and handled everything beautifully!
Kim Gordon, 10/12/2021
They were very professional and took great care of my cat Denali, always on scheduled time. Can highly recommend this pet sitting service.
Kyle Kleyn Van De Poll, 10/12/2021
They treat your pets like family! I love getting pictures of them and updates about how they behaved and how the visit went.
Helen Schulte, 09/28/2021
their professionalism, their obvious care, and concern for our pet's well-being, their thoroughness, their attention to detail. Cannot emphasize how wonderful they are. Brianna and Kristina are outstanding.
Cathy Schmidt, 09/20/2021
My baby loved all the attention she received from her sitter while I was gone for several hours. Kristina treated her like her own and made me feel at ease. Also loved the updates and pics!
Cindy , 09/14/2021
They love my pets like their own. They are dependable and always go the extra mile to make sure my dogs are well cared for.
Renee Turner, 08/30/2021
Kristina has a true love and caring spirit for animals. My two girls are like my children and I wouldn't trust them with most people especially Maggie who is in renal failure. Her voice and attitude are so reassuring to me. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Thomas Poe, 08/27/2021
On-time, professional, friendly, and playful with pets.
Tina Sansone, 08/24/2021
Ease of scheduling comfort of seeing pics of dogs when visited by sitter knowing they are being played with and not just in and out with dropping off food etc. The journal states what each visit included. We are really pleased!!!
Amy Watkins, 07/24/2021
Very professional and friendly services. They are highly attentive to your pets needs. Highly recommended!
Vincent Aranas, 07/02/2021
Very friendly and visible love for my dogs. They were reliable, punctual, and affordable.
Kim Scranage, 06/15/2021
Friendly staff, the app for easy communication.
Kelly Arndts, 4/23/2021
We love that we are able to have the same sitter for every visit. Brianna got to know our cats and learned how they were doing.
Jennifer Haddad , February 16, 2021
Great personalized care of my dog. He is treated like they own my dog. They are available anytime to help within reason.
Mark Colm , February 15, 2021
Easy to schedule service, excellent communication from sitters who go the extra mile to take pictures and write detailed logs for visits so I can be reassured that my pet is cared for when I'm away.
W.C. , February 14, 2021
Very friendly and really caring with our dog(Boomer) would highly recommend and very flexible with scheduling thank you
Paul Garcia , February 13, 2021
Convenient, pet sitters are kind and professional. Its a relief to have someone come in and take care of your pet while your away.
P.S., February 10, 2021
I can count on my pet care taker, she is willing to learn about how to care for our 2 parrots, and she is kind to all our pets. She is flexible and willing to learn.
C.Z. , February 10, 2021
Kristina with Fetch! Pet Care is amazing! My cats not only LOVE her, but she sends me the cutest picture updates and fills me in on how they are doing while she's with them. If you're in the market to hire a pet sitting company for your next vacation, look no further!!
Jodie Jones , February 9, 2021
This was a wonderful first experience using Fetch to care for our 19-year-old cat for a month. Our caretaker, Theresa, was lovely to meet and was an awesome communicator, sending a daily update via text message with photo. The cat has appetite issues which can be a challenge but Theresa made good judgment calls about how to mix up his diet.
Devi Daly , February 7, 2021
Hello! I am thrilled to have found you. We adore Kristina, she is doing such a wonderful job with our dog Leroy. She has become an integral part of our family/team supporting our beloved dog. Thank you for such wonderful service. Selina
Selina Petosa , February 6, 2021
We had a medical emergency with a family member that required us to leave town suddenly. Walter was able to board our dog who requires prescription meds and food due to skin allergies. It was such a relief to know that our pup was being cared for (and loved) while we were away. Walter sent us daily photos/videos and always quickly responded to our text/phone calls. One less thing we had to worry about! We would highly recommend Fetch Pet Care!
Jennifer Cushman , February 4, 2021
Everyone at Fetch is wonderful, especially Kristina! She handles the dogs very well. She is very communicative if there are any questions! The post visit journals are a treat. Some of the best candid pics of our pups have come from Kristina.
Renee Bridegum , February 3, 2021
Easy to use app for scheduling and bill pay, communicative sitters
M.D. , February 2, 2021
I know that your employees are trained and come prepared for any unforeseen situation that could ever happen while they are taking care of my dog. My dog absolutely loves the tender loving care he receives from his walker and he loves her as if she was a family member. Although she's legally not a family member but in our eyes she is a family member. She is very very responsible and I never have to worry I just know she excels in her job.
D.D. , February 1, 2021
Absolutely love Fetch Pet care. Service is reliable, dependable, and has catered to my insane schedule. Someone is always available, so there is not stress when it comes to finding a caregiver for my dog during the day. Just wish they would invest in a better app service for scheduling, because the current website is difficult to navigate. Highly recommended and Many thanks for taking care of my baby!
Chemarin Fontaine , January 31, 2021
The team at Fetch is responsive, flexible, and sincerely enjoy the pets.
L.C. , January 30, 2021
Your pet sitters are fantastic, caring, and super reliable. The app is easy and quick to use.
L.R. , January 26, 2021
Dependable friendly flexible
R.B. , January 23, 2021
Maggie has done an incredible job. The cats love her so much, and she worked on very short notice for an extended period in what has to be the coldest time of the year. That type of dedication, you just don't see that very often these days.
Kyle Szklenski , January 23, 2021
Brianna is great! Very professional and great with Joey. She is also great to work with when we need to schedule a dog walking visit on short notice.
P.S. , January 23, 2021
Easy, punctual, dependable and friendly!
L.H., January 21, 2021

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