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“As a rescuer and an animal activist, I set a pretty high bar when it comes to hiring a dog sitter. Thank you Renee and FETCH! This company is beyond professional. They go the extra mile to pair the right person to fit your needs. My rescue, Valentino, was abused and neglected and has a big personality for his 8 pounds, not to mention leash aggression, skateboard aggression, jogger aggression, etc. Basically, he can be a little sh*t. He's also very protective of his mommy. My foster, Sammy D., was rescued from an awful situation and is very sweet but suffers from separation anxiety. Not to mention he's learning bad habits from Valentino. Both AG and Janine are angels and dog whisperers. They both spent a lot of time on the initial meet and greet to make the boys feel comfortable. If you want peace of mind, Fetch is the answer. Highly recommend!!! Thank you Fetch!"
Lisa B, Burbank CA, 3/20/21
Fetch has been my dog walking and overnight stay choice for more years than I can remember. I have a primary walker for my two greyhounds but Fetch has several experienced, long-term employees who sub for my walker when she takes time off or I don't book overnights soon enough (she books up fast!). I know these subs and so do my dogs so they never are taken care of by a stranger. I work fairly far from my house, so my dog sitter sends me an email everyday and lets me know that everything is ok in the neighborhood and at my house, and that the dogs are fine. The entire Fetch staff is very reliable, trustworthy, and love pets
Wendy K, North Hollywood, CA, January 31, 2021
Love the Fetch team! I really appreciate that Fetch makes every effort to provide consistent sitters for our pets as anytime we're away is a stressful time for our pets and having the same sitter is comforting. Moreover, the Fetch team is extremely easy to get in touch with and book and always provides updates on our furry babies. The Fetch team is the best!
Cecilia F, North Hollywood, CA, January 20, 2021
Fetch is awesome! I rely on them for cat care every time I travel, and they never disappoint. Cat sitters are kind, thoughtful, reliable, and capable. I love that they send me photos of the cats while we're away so I always know they are well cared for.
Elizabeth A, Los Angeles, CA, January 19th, 2020
Fetch Pet Care is THE BEST! I've had them as my dog walkers/sitters for years. They are attentive and caring. You know you're in good hands when you get back from a trip after seeing daily pics of your precious furry kids and find them so upbeat and happy. My dogs adore each of their walkers/sitters and I am NEVER worried with Fetch on the scene. Highly recommend!!!
Roslyn C, Sherman Oaks, CA, January 9, 2021
"To say I'm impressed is an understatement. From the moment I requested a quote online, I received a personal phone call from Renee (which is unheard with dog walking companies) and she took her time to explain her services, pricing and go over what I needed. Within hours she connected me with Olive to walk my dog Bella to do a meet & greet, and shortly after started her walks with Bella. She is extremely reliable, on time and friendly. So far, I highly recommend to anyone. :)"
Brenda C, Studio City, CA , January 1, 2021
"This is a great company. Renee is amazing and very accommodating with last minute requests and changes. I regularly use two of her dog sitters, Emperial and Lisa Anne - both are very dependable and trustworthy. I used to use the "top" dog hotel in town and when I'd return from a trip the dogs would sleep for a day, and the most recent/last time one of my dogs hid under the bed for several days after - she was was clearly traumatized - so that was the end of that. Renee has been a god send and my dogs are always happy and relaxed when I get back. Truly a well run outfit and I can't highly recommended them enough."
Russell T, West Hollywood, CA, December 30, 2020
I love that I feel I can trust Fetch's pet sitters to enter my apartment and give my best friend the best care. And I feel good knowing that I don't have to put my best friend through the trauma of being boarded at the vet. Lastly, I love how my pet sitter communicates with me via text and video so I know my kitty is happy and well! I honestly highly recommend Fetch! and my pet sitter, Wren.
Caroline Blasi, Los Angeles, CA, December 29, 2020

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