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Meet the Fetch Pet Care Beverly Hills to Hollywood Hills Team

Meet Our Team

Browse the pictures and profiles of our professional, reliable, and loving pet sitting and dog walking team!

Professional Cat Sitter North Hollywood, CA

Michelle G

Fetch Pet Care Pet Sitter & Dog Walker ~ Since 2012 ~ What her clients say: “Fetch Pet Care earned five stars from me because they are a truly professional company. My dog Riley loves Michelle, who is an animal lover and positive person with great energy. He's a little shy around people, but immediately took to Michelle and she to him. She arrived on time, sent me photos after every walk.” Working with Fetch Pet Care means I don't have to worry about my pets. Support a small business like Fetch Pet Care. Affordable and worth the support of the community.”

Professional Dog Walker Valley Village, CA

Janine G

Fetch Pet Care Pet Sitter & Dog Walker ~ Since 2005 ~ What her clients say: "Highly recommend Fetch pet care. I have been using them for the past couple of years and have been very satisfied with the care provided to my cat, Ally. They make it very easy to schedule a sitter and are responsive to my requests. I have met several sitters all of whom are very professional and seem to truly care about animals. In particular, I appreciate that Janine is always good about sending text messages and photos to let me know Ally is okay when I am gone. She also is willing to come visit early mornings so Ally can be fed at her scheduled time. I have been very pleased with Fetch Pet Care and will continue to recommend them to others."

Loving Dog Walker Studio City, CA

Curt H

Fetch Pet Care Pet Sitter & Dog Walker ~ Since 2005 ~ What his clients say: "Fetch is amazing! Our sitter, Curt, has been so instrumental to our pet care. I have 2 cats, each with a very different disposition. Rocky is super friendly and Lollipop, very skittish. Lollipop doesn't warm to anyone new and has even disappeared for a few days when friends have watched her. They are indoor/outdoor. As you can imagine, it is very stressful to leave town and not worry about them; but to know that Lollipop loves Curt is so comforting. She even lets him pick her up! Curt always goes above and beyond to make sure the kitties are doing well. The cats are happy when we return and we are grateful."

Local Dog Walker Near Me

Jeff S

Fetch Pet Care Pet Sitter & Dog Walker ~ Since 2015 ~ What his clients say: "Jeff and Cody are our walkers. The dogs are absolutely giddy when they hear them approaching for their walks and we always get great updates on the walks complete with adorable photos. Renee who runs Fetch! is awesome. She great about handling last minutes requests (a life saver for us and our ever-changing schedules), and her group of pet sitters are truly wonderful people. I cannot recommend Fetch! enough. If you're looking for a company that can cater to a demanding schedule and last minute changes while providing you with pet sitters/walkers who truly love your animals, Fetch! will be a perfect match for you!"

Private Dog Walker West Hollywood, CA

Kira A

Fetch Pet Care Pet Sitter Dog Walker in Hollywood Hills ~ Since 2010 ~ What her clients say: "Kira and the Fetch dog walkers were communicative and reliable. They would often text me with pictures of Gilbert, and sometimes my step mom too! Each one went above and beyond with Gilbert. Fetch, and owner Renee specifically, was the best decision I made when it came to caring for Gilbert, and my step - mom...she would not have been able to keep him in her life without their help. Thank you a million times over."

Kelly S

Fetch Pet Care Pet Sitter & Dog Walker ~ Since 2016 ~ What her clients say: "Fetch! Pet care is top notch. They were able to schedule my visits last minute and even make time for an in person visit before I left town. Kelly was just fabulous! She checked in every morning with pictures and updates about how much food they ate. I loved getting the updates and feel as though my kittens were well cared for! Such a great alternative to boarding your animals."

Fetch Pet Care Pet Sitter and Dog Walker in North Hollywood, CA

Emperial Y

Fetch Pet Care Sitter & Dog Walker ~ Since 2011 ~ What her clients say: "Fetch Hollywood Hills has some great pet sitters! We use them for all of our pet sitting needs. They are responsive when I request a pet sit or if I have any questions or changes to make. We have been having Emperial do most of our pet sits for quite a while now, and she always keeps us up to date on how the crew is doing (3 cats, 2 dogs and 2 turtles). We feel so comfortable knowing all of our pets are well taken care of when we are out of town."

Carrie M

Fetch Pet Care Pet Sitter & Dog Walker in Granada Hills ~ Since 2018 ~ What her clients say: "Renee and her team are VERY accommodating and sweet. Very easy to set up. They paired us with a sitter Carrie and a back up to meet with, both were great. VERY happy to have FETCH in our pups lives!"

Olive P

Fetch Pet Care Pet Sitter & Dog Walker in Los Angels ~ Since 2020 ~ What her clients say: "Using Fetch has been a lifesaver for our family. We used to worry about leaving our cat alone when we left town and would struggle to find an available friend to stop by. It was always stressful. Then a friend recommended Fetch and it changed everything. Renee is always quick to respond and a pleasure to deal with. Our frequent petsitter is awesome with our cat and always texts us with an update and photo while she's visiting our home. It's such a relief to know our cat is in good hands when we're out of town! Fetch is awesome!"

Amir L

Fetch Pet Care Los Angeles Dog Walker & Pet Sitter Since 2011 What his clients say: "Amir was super conscientious with my sick dog, and was very accommodating when we had an emergency and had to return early for a couple of different reasons. He was such a darling."

Cody M

Fetch Pet Care Pet Sitter & Dog Walker Since 2016 What his clients say: "Fetch Pet Care is THE BEST! I've had them as my dog walkers/sitters for years. They are attentive and caring. You know you're in good hands when you get back from a trip after seeing daily pics of your precious furry kids and find them so upbeat and happy. My dogs adore each of their walkers/sitters and I am NEVER worried with Fetch on the scene. Highly recommend!!"

Laura F

Fetch Pet Care Pet Sitter & Dog Walker in West Hollywood Since 2018 What her clients say: "My dogs love going on their daily walks with Laura. She’s been fantastic. Highly recommend. I have a German Shepherd and a little rescue mutt and she’s great with both. Sometimes she takes them on a hike or a long run."

Michelle P

Since 2007 What her clients say: Fetch has been my dog walking and overnight stay choice for more years than I can remember. I have a primary walker for my two greyhounds, Michelle, but Fetch has several experienced, long-term employees who sub for my walker when she takes time off or I don't book overnights soon enough (she books up fast!). I know these subs and so do my dogs so they never are taken care of by a stranger."

Amber L

Fetch Pet Care Pet Sitter & Dog Walker Since 2010 What her clients say: "Everything! Fetch is professional, yet friendly, punctual, and I fully trust my furry friend with them! My sitter is Amber."

North Hollywood Pet Sitter

Mary C

Fetch Pet Care Sitter & Dog Walker in the San Fernando Valley. She has been a professional pet sitter since 2003 and with Fetch since 2011. What her clients say, "She is very knowledgable in all areas of canine care and is a joy to be around. Mary is extremely trustworthy and super dog savvy. My dogs adore her!" Another client says, "It is such a wonderful feeling when we leave on a vacation to just turn everything, house, pool and garden and especially our treasured companion over to her. Her experience in dog care and training gives us total confidence that she is able to handle all normal duties and that she would be able to provide all necessary aid in an emergency situation." Mary has hands-on experience working with strong and large breeds, everything from pitbulls to Great Danes. She worked for 2 major pet supplies companies in management at their pet hotels for over 2 years. Mary was the business manager and a pet sitter for a busy dog walking company in Chicago for 7 years. She also is well-versed in pet CPR and first aid training. Mary has written for pet publications and has even worked as a dog trainer in the past. She's also passionate about birds and has a Senegal Parrot named Ringo. 


Fetch Pet Care Los Angeles Dog Walker & Pet Sitter in West Hollywood Since 2009 What her clients say: "As a rescuer and an animal activist, I set a pretty high bar when it comes to hiring a dog sitter. Thank you Renee and FETCH! This company is beyond professional. They go the extra mile to pair the right person to fit your needs. My rescue, Valentino, was abused and neglected and has a big personality for his 8 pounds, not to mention leash aggression, skateboard aggression, jogger aggression, etc. Basically, he can be a little sh*t. He's also very protective of his mommy. My foster, Sammy D., was rescued from an awful situation and is very sweet but suffers from separation anxiety. Not to mention he's learning bad habits from Valentino. Both AG and Janine are angels and dog whisperers. They both spent a lot of time on the initial meet and greet to make the boys feel comfortable. If you want peace of mind, Fetch is the answer. Highly recommend!!! Thank you Fetch!"

Kat LA Dog Walker and Pet Sitter

Kat R

Fetch Pet Care Hollywood Hills Dog Walker and Pet Sitter in Los Angeles. My name is Kat and pet sitting has been a part of my life for 20+ years! As a child I began accompanying my mother when she would care for the pets of doctors she worked for at Cedars Sinai. I’m so grateful to have learned from her about something that is a complete pleasure and honor to do and be a part of loving the furry angels of Los Angeles. I will probably do this for the rest of my life, I truly enjoy the symbiosis between myself and our animal friends. It’s definitely part of my purpose.

Lisa Anne

Fetch Pet Care Los Angeles Pet Sitter & Dog Walker in West Hollywood Since 2005 What her clients say: "Renee and the team at Fetch is fantastic - and their sitters (I’m looking at you, Lisa Anne Nicolai!) are amazing. Highly recommended!!!" Bryan A. Google Review

Heather B

Fetch Pet Care Los Angeles Pet Sitter & Dog Walker in Sherman Oaks ~ Since 2016 ~ What her clients say: "I love Fetch and my sitter Heather! So easy to schedule and I’ve been lucky enough to have the same caretaker every time I’ve scheduled. Thank you so much for caring for my pet like your own!"

James P

Fetch Pet Care Los Angeles Pet Sitter & Dog Walker Since 2009. What his clients say: "James is one in a million. He absolutely loves our very challenging English Bulldog and she loves him right back. He is the most reliable person we know and we trust him to the moon and back. I realize this sounds over the top but our dog and our requests aren’t always easy. But we always try to show our sincere appreciation. This is a great group of people and I trust them with my dog baby, who pre-dates even my husband or son, so that’s saying a lot."


Fetch Pet Care Pet Sitter & Dog Walker Since 2018 What her clients say: "Annitsa has always been prompt, attentive to me and my dog, and very thorough. Highly recommend Annitsa & Fetch.” Leslie Y"

Gena S

Fetch Pet Care Los Angeles Pet Sitter & Dog Walker since 2010 What her clients say: "Gena was fantastic, I love that she clearly loves animals and took the time to take notes on Skeeter's personality/traits. I loved that she sends me photos every time she visits and lets me know how he's doing."

Nina B

Fetch Pet Care Los Angeles Pet Sitter & Dog Walker in North Hollywood since 2020 What her clients say: "I know how much she truly loves dogs. She constantly is putting the dogs in her life before her own needs. She is the first person I would trust with my pets” Austen H"

Sarah TK

Fetch Pet Care Pet Sitter & Dog Walker in Hollywood Hills since 2014 What her clients say: "Fetch is a really great organization. They have been incredibly thoughtful and competent in our dealings with them. Rennee is a pleasure to deal with and made everything easy. And our dog walker, Sarah, is perfect. She has an aura of confidence and kindness that our dogs responded to immediately. They are not easy pups, but she bonded with them from the start. We're very glad to have selected Fetch."

Elle M

Elle M, Fetch Pet Sitter, Dog Walker in North Hollywood, CA. Elle has been an active pet sitter for 13 years in LA, Texas, and Maine. She grew up on a small farm with animals ranging from dogs, cats, rabbits, cows, pigs, and horses. Throughout her life she consistently and passionately made caring for animals of all kinds her priority. She is the proud dog Mom to her own 8 year old Miniature Australian Shepherd Kingsley. Elle’s background growing up on the ranch, working alongside her Mom at her family’s dog grooming salon, experience as a dog sitter, and a dedicated Fur Mom make Elle the ideal choice to watch and exercise your fur kids when you can’t. Elle can’t wait to meet you and your pets!

Wren W

Fetch Pet Care Los Angeles Pet Sitter & Dog Walker in Sherman Oaks since 2018 What her clients say: "I love that I feel I can trust Fetch's pet sitters to enter my apartment and give my best friend the best care. And I feel good knowing that I don't have to put my best friend through the trauma of being boarded at the vet. Lastly, I love how my pet sitter communicates with me via text and video so I know my kitty is happy and well! I honestly highly recommend Fetch! and my pet sitter, Wren."

Ruben V

Fetch Pet Care Pet Sitter & Dog Walker in Van Nuys, CA. Ruben has taken care of all kinds of animals from early childhood- cats, birds, chickens, fish, hamsters, rats, turtles, hermit crabs, and more; with years of dog walking, sitting, hiking, and care under his belt as well!

Leslie W

Fetch Pet Care Los Angeles Pet Sitter & Dog Walker in Granada Hills since ~ ~ What her clients say: "I have 1 dog, 2 cats & a kitten. Fetch Pet Care and it's incredible 'pet care-givers' have allowed me to travel guilt-free. Our family spends 5 weeks in Kenya every year, and Renee is able to schedule complete coverage, using 3 amazing girls, Leslie, Madonna & Sarah. They often update me by email, sending cute photos and comments of the pet's activities. We also take last-minute weekend trips, visits to Del Mar & NY, and they are always willing and able to provide service for my needs. The people that have worked for me have all been responsible, professional, and most of all, pet lovers of the highest order!" Kathy H

Karah, Fetch Pet Care Hollywood Hills Pet Sitter

Karah B

Karah B, Fetch Pet Care Pet Sitter, Dog Walker in Valley Glen, CA. Karah has been an active dog walker and pet sitter for over ten years in the Los Angeles area. She grew up having dogs and other pets her entire life where she was born and raised in Longmont, Colorado. Helping and taking care of animals has always been a passion of hers along with having her own animal family. She currently has two cats named Jack and Willow. As well as a red-eared slider turtle named Biggie. She has years of experience with previous volunteer work with animals at the Longmont Humane Society where she helped walk the dogs and visit with the cats. She helped feed tigers, lions, and bears at The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, CO, and as a volunteer dog walker for Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue in Los Angeles. Not only does she have a passion for helping animals through her volunteer work but she loves to help both people and their pets. You can definitely trust Karah with all your creatures great and small.

Los Angeles Pet Sitter and Dog Walker

Hayley D

Fetch Pet Care Los Angeles Pet Sitter & Dog Walker in Valley Village, CA.

Los Angeles experienced Pet Sitter

Rosie R

Fetch Pet Care Los Angeles Pet Sitter & Dog Walker in Sherman Oaks, CA. "Rosie is an LA native and recent graduate of Emerson College. Earning her BFA in Theatre & Performance, she found great joy in providing pet care to the greater Boston area. A dog lover through and through, she is passionate about giving your pet the best experience possible."

Yasamine A

Fetch Pet Care Los Angeles Pet Sitter, Dog Walker in Van Nuys, CA. "Yasamine was fantastic sitting my dog over a long week-end. She made sure to send frequent updates and pictures. I felt like my pup was in great hands." Yasamine Bio: I always loved animals, from dogs to lizards, growing up I always had animals from cats and dogs, to hamsters and birds leading me to have the ability to understand their behavior through personal experience, I'm always eager to learn. I'm currently studying ECE but in my free time I'm spending it with my Fur babies.

Clara SK

Fetch Pet Care Hollywood Hills Dog Walker & Pet Sitter. Bio: Clara has always had pets in her life, whether by owning them herself or taking care of the pets of others, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. She loves long hikes with dogs, cuddles with cats, and everything in between. When she isn’t walking or playing with a pet, she is studying or writing — but secretly wishing she was with a furry friend!

Cody G

Fetch Pet Care Los Angeles Pet Sitter, Dog Walker in Reseda, CA. Cody's Bio: "When I was younger I started taking care of a variety of smaller animals like hamsters, turtles, birds, and a guinea pig. In high school I was able to adopt a cat and I immediately fell in love, but not only with my new friend. I found that I really enjoyed taking care of him and researching the best ways to train and help make sure he lives a healthy life. When I started college, I began to help some friends walk their dogs and look after their cats while they went home for the weekend. I was eventually able to add some new clients and throughout the remainder of college I was able to continue sitting and walking. Since graduating I have moved to Los Angeles and started pursuing pet care and working with Fetch part time. Our pets deserve as much love, attention, and care as we can offer them. If you are in need of any walking, sitting, boarding, and/or transportation services for your loved ones, I would love to help take care of them."

Stepha dog walker pet sitter north hollywood, ca

Stepha M

Fetch Pet Care Los Angeles Pet Sitter, Dog Walker in North Hollywood, CA. Stepha Bio: "My name is Stepha and I am; you guessed it! an ANIMAL LOVER haha! I’m a 24 years old part Chilean part American girl living in the big city since 2017. I can provide your pets with pet-sitting, dog walking, and even part-time pet boarding! No matter what size or age your dog is, I will love it. I can walk, bathe, light groom or just cuddle it until your back, whatever you want! Fun Facts; My sister is a vet and that has automatically helped me learn a lot about pet caring. I also grew up in a house with an English Bulldog, and Irish setter, a Shar-pei, a Shih-Tzu and a cat.."

Los Angeles Dog Sitter

Deanna (Dee) P

Fetch Pet Care Hollywood Hills Dog Walker & Pet Sitter in Burbank, CA. Dee has been a pet lover her entire life! For the past 20 years she has been pet-sitting and dog walking for friends and clients, and earlier this year she made a decision to help others out by making her passion a profession!

Professional Cat Sitter North Hollywood, CA

Devyn C

Fetch Pet Care Pet Sitter & Dog Walker in Burbank, Glendale, North Hollywood & Studio City. I "I have many years of experience as an animal behaviorist and have had dogs all my life. I currently have two sweet terrier mixes. I thoroughly enjoy caring for dogs, taking them on walks, and giving them all the love and attention they need. I also have lifetime experience caring for birds and many other types of animals. I can’t wait to meet your pet!"

Professional Dog Walker Los Angeles, CA

Diego T

Fetch Pet Care Los Angeles Pet Sitter, Dog Walker in Los Angeles, CA. Diego is an artist and animal-lover. He studied Illustration and Graphic Design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. Diego has been professionally pet-sitting for five years. He is gentle, sweet, loving, and caring.

Harvey P

Fetch Pet Care Hollywood Hills Dog Walker and Pet Sitter in North Hollywood. Harvey has been an animal lover for as long as I can remember. Harvey worked in a veterinary hospital taking care of boarded animals and helping out with minor procedures, he has fostered up to as many as 6 kittens at a time! Harvey has also owned dogs, cats, rats, birds, snakes, you name it. "I’d love to help you and your family with any of your pet needs, Harvey."

Christina K Pet Sitting Los Angeles

Christina K

Fetch Pet Care Hollywood Hills Dog Walker and Pet Sitter in North Hollywood. Christina is an animal lover through and through! Having pet sit for friends and neighbors in her community for the past six years, she has had the incredible opportunity to spend time with dogs, cats, birds, turtles, and even ferrets! She has always grown up with a dog in the house, and believes in treating her pets like family. Her border collies growing up taught her how to keep up with smart, active. and incredibly affectionate dogs. She's also spent time comforting anxious pups & cats while their owners are away so that they can feel right at home. Whatever situation it may be, she is so excited to be a part of Fetch! and can't wait to meet and care for the pets of LA.

Harrison F

Fetch Pet Care Hollywood Hills Dog Walker and Pet Sitter in Los Angeles. Harry is an LA-based actor/sushi-enthusiast who grew up surrounded by dogs and spent his college years surrounded by cats! He currently has a red pit bull named Sadie who loves to sing along to Mamma Mia. He is an experienced dog walker and pet sitter, and he also makes a mean peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Traci C

Fetch Pet Care Hollywood Hills Dog Walker and Pet Sitter in Los Angeles. Traci got her start as a professional pet sitter in Los Angeles four years ago, but has been an animal lover all her life. Taking care of clients adorable fur babies throughout the years, still brings her so much joy and appreciation for pet care and the sweet pups she’s met along the way. She's been with Fetch since 2020. Outside of pet sitting, Traci is an actress who enjoys lazy beach days, painting, and checking out various comedy shows!

Caitlin C

Fetch Pet Care Hollywood Hills Dog Walker and Pet Sitter in Sherman Oaks, CA. Caitlin has been a lifelong animal lover but discovered her passion for caring for pets in 2013. When she’s not loving up on your kitties and getting your pups exercise, she loves spending time with her own pup, Piper, at the park or the beach!

Blair C

Fetch Pet Care Hollywood Hills Dog Walker and Pet Sitter in Los Angeles. My name is Blair and I grew up with dogs and recently fell head over tail in love with cats! I have two cats at home named Dean and Bella and one dog, Nina who lives with my mom. The reason why I take care of animals is because life is too short and animals make the most of it. My poor dog Willy passed away this year and I want to make him proud. He’ll live on in all the animals I take care of! Fetch sitter since 2018.

Francesca B

Francesca's passion for pets started at a very young age and has continued to grow as she's gotten older. She has 15 years of professional experience working with local dog rescues, shelters and daycare facilities. She currently has two rescue dogs, Honey & Rue, and they are the light of her life. Providing quality and loving care to all animals is something Francesca prides herself on. Over the last 5 years, she has taken in over 100 dogs and provided them with a temporary home until they found their furever home! She has a lot of knowledge and some pretty amazing stories from these experiences. She hopes to share all of this with your precious pets - or as she likes to call them "earth angels."

Ellen F

Hello! My name is Ellen, and I LOVE Animals! As long as I can remember, Animals have always been incredibly important to me. Just think about it….No matter what may cross your path during the day, and how you may be feeling or looking when you come home, it is generally your sweet Fur, Feathered or any other Baby that is there waiting for you when you walk through that front door offering you unconditional love regardless. How precious is that?! From defending or rescuing an Animal that may come across my path, being a volunteer in Animal Rescue to actively supporting Animal and Environmental Charities, it is in my heart to love and protect any Animal as if it were my own. And Pet Sitting for a Pet Parent is no exception. My concern, love and care is not measured by whether a pet is mine or not; but rather by that it is a SPECIAL BEING that deserves only the BEST!!

Chloe E

Hi! My name is Chloe and I have a deep love of animals of all shapes and sizes. I have grown up with various pets my whole life and was always the go-to pet sitter for all of my mom's friends. So, I am really excited to meet some adorable LA animals and be able to help out and spoil your animals like they are my own!


Chelsea M

Fetch Pet Care Los Angeles Pet Sitter, Dog Walker in West Hollywood, CA. I’ve had pets all my life and have been a professional pet sitter for over 10 years. I work with all types of dogs- big and small, puppies and elderly, aggressive, anxious & those just ready and happy to go anywhere with anyone.  I also have extensive experience with cats, and understand that they are all individuals with widely varying temperaments.  I love all my animals and would love to meet yours


I'm a Massachusetts native currently living in West Hollywood. I grew up with dogs my whole life, and once I moved to Chicago I started walking dogs. I have provided care and walks for over 500 pups of all different breeds, sizes, and ages, as well as a few other animals too! I’m a huge animal lover, and can assure to always give each pet and owner the best experience I can to make sure everyone is always happy and safe!

Emma S

Hi! My name is Emma Safari. I'm originally from Colorado but am now living in Los Angeles. I love animals, dogs especially. I have a background in dog training and am a huge advocate for building trust with animals to ensure a strong bond and providing the animal with the best environment for them to thrive. Our pets are part of the family and should be treated as such. I only use positive reinforcement when interacting with pets and shower them with love and affection. Can't wait to meet your fur babies and help give them a fun, positive experience!

Christopher J

Christopher has worked with animals throughout his life and loves all animals as if they’re his own. He lives in Studio City. When his is not caring for pets he is an actor and singer. Christopher is looking forward to caring for your pets!

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