Meet the Fetch Pet Care Monrovia West Covina Team

Meet Our Team

Browse the pictures and profiles of our professional, reliable, and loving pet sitting and dog walking team!

Meilyn - Sr. Pet Care Professional/Dog Trainer

Let's go for a walk!!! Greetings everyone! I'm an animal lover born and raised in Southern California. I've been a dog trainer for four years and I really believe I have the best job in the world. My training is based in dog psychology, each animal is unique and have their own personalities and ways of learning and I truly think that you can teach an old dog new tricks. I'm an active person and I'm always ready to go for a walk or hike. It's a great way to get some exercise and build a relationship for dogs and for people. I make sure all my clients pets get an ample amount of exercise and fun and I send videos and pictures so they always know what their fur baby is up to. I especially love taking holiday pictures. I know how important each pet is to the family, so I do my best to make sure your pets are safe, happy and healthy. Can't wait to wait to meet you all!

Corey & Sandy Ellis - Local Owners/Pet Professionals

Hi, We are Corey & Sandy, local owners and operators of Fetch! Pet Care Monrovia-West Covina, where we offer reliable and trustworthy pet care services for your animal family members. We both have a huge passion for all animals and know first hand how important it is to have the best pet sitters to love on your pets. We also have a huge love for people which correlates to the pride we take in cultivating the right culture for our pet professionals where they feel valued and appreciated which we believe our clients will feel through the service they provide. We hope for the opportunity to earn your trust in loving your animal family members!

Gabriela - Sr. Pet Care Professional

My name is Gabriela, I’ve unofficially started working as a pet sitter since I was 12 years old, pet sitting for friends and family anytime they would go on vacation and I would have so much fun doing it. I’ve officially started pet sitting/ dog walking for 3 years now and it’s the best thing I’ve decided to do. I truly enjoy spending time with dogs of all breeds and sizes and getting to know all of their unique quirks and personalities. I truly enjoy what I do and look forward to treating your pets as my own!

Ria - Pet Care Professional

Hi, I'm Ria! Ever since I was little I wanted to be a veterinarian. Plans changed in college, but my love for animals of all kinds did not. Don't get me wrong I truly love animals of all shapes, sizes, and types, however, I had always seen myself as a dog person until I met my husband who is a, big time, cat person. Though nothing will ever take my love for dogs away, he has shown me how truly amazing, silly, and majestic cats are. All in all, taking care of fur babies is an absolute amazing privilege! I look forward to meeting you and yours soon!

Dez - Pet Care Professional

"Howdy! My names Dez, I've been an animal lover all my life and have put that love in all the work I do. I've worked with goats, horses, pigs, dogs, and cats... the works! When I'm not out walking pups for Fetch! I'm working part time as an animal control officer. It's been a privilege to help animals in need as well as assist the loving owners who use Fetch! I like to prioritize client communication whether it's on the human or canine side (dogs can be very good at communicating with us humans when they want to) if your pup needs a break we take a break, if your pup doesn't like that squirrel giving him the stink eye we walk away! I believe all dogs deserve a safe and fulfilling walk in their day and it's wonderful that owners trust me and our team at Fetch to provide one. I truly look forward to working with you and your pooch🐶"

Dianthe - Pet Care Professional

I have a passion and heart for empowering and encouraging women. I love all animals and pets and I have had dogs or cats and a few other pets my entire life. I enjoy spending time with my family and our 17 year old senior dog, whom we've had since he was 8 weeks old. I enjoy being outdoors, camping and gardening. On occasion you can find me getting creative through art. crafts, journaling and event decorating.

Carlie - Pet Care Professional

Hi, my name is Carlie. I am a pet sitter, nanny, and a big-time animal lover! Growing up, I spend a lot of time helping my dad with his dog walking and pet sitting company, so I am very familiar with taking care of pets. I also have three dogs of my own who I absolutely adore. I love working with all dog breeds but especially love big dog breeds like Great Danes and Labradors. I look forward to being able to give your pets a loving and safe environment to grow and thrive!

Jared - Dog Trainer

Hi everyone, and welcome to Fetch! I started professionally working with animals in 2017, when I began studying for a degree in exotic animal training and management. Prior to that, I was a lifelong animal lover and always had lots of pets ranging from snakes, lizards, birds, rats, insects, dogs- the list goes on! While studying to obtain my degree I was able to learn a great deal about operant conditioning, animal training techniques, and training theory. All of which, and much more, I apply to our four legged friends! I also have certificates in positive reinforcement training and animal welfare- both of which ensure I give your pup not only an effective training session, but a fun one too! Let's get training!

Crissi - Pet Care Professional

From the tiniest of ants, to the scaliest of reptiles, fuzzy and nugget sized, to ones that bark, meow, buzz, or squeak I've owned it all and in between! I adore animals & have been working professionally in pet care for 3 years now. I'm happy when I meet a fellow pet parent with the same passion for their animals as I have for mine. Pets truly become members of your family and through Fetch! I can help care for them like you do!

Adryan - Pet Care Professional

Hi, my name is Adryan. Ever since I can remember I’ve always had a strong love and passion for animals of all shapes and sizes. I’ve owned many animals including snakes, lizards, rats, Guinea Pigs, hamsters but most of all my 2 year old pit bull mix Bruce. I enjoy spending most of my time outside with my dog going on hikes, walks on the beach and parks. I truly am excited to be able to help you care for your pets while you are away. I can assure you that your babies will be well cared for and loved by me...just as if they were my own!