Meet the Fetch Pet Care Montana Team

Meet Our Team

Browse the pictures and profiles of our professional, reliable, and loving pet sitting and dog walking team!

Brittney Billings, Owner

I was born and raised in beautiful Montana and am grateful to be a part of this amazing community! Combining my decade of client service experience with my love of animals was an obvious choice. All my life I've owned and cared for animals of all sorts - dogs, horses, fish, frogs, birds, mice.… Animals have always been my passion. So much so, that I got into business with them! I know from personal experience how scary it can be to trust someone with your pet. But I want to make you and your pet as comfortable with this experience as possible. Just let me know what you and your pet need and I promise to be attentive, compassionate, and responsive. I look forward to meeting you and your pet!

Gwen, Pet Care Professional

Hey there! My name is Gwen Puglisi, I'm currently attending MSU studying Animal Science. I've always been passionate about animals and have always loved being around them. My family animals include a Rottweiler/ Great Pyrenees mix, a purebred Rottweiler, and a purebred Great Dane. Therefore I am very comfortable working with larger dogs and animals! My goal once graduating from MSU is to attend Veterinary school and become a large animal or an exotic animal Veterinarian. I look forward to helping you with all of your animal needs!

Kerianna, Pet Care Professional

My name is Kerianna Butler, and I'm studying Animal Science at MSU. I currently own a dog and hedgehog, but have had experience with many other animals too. I love working with animals because they always have a way of putting a smile on your face. I'm currently volunteering at Eagle Mount in the horsemanship program, which has helped me learn a lot about horse needs and care. I absolutely love being outdoors and being able to hang out with animals!

April, Pet Care Professional

Hello my name is April, I am a Physical Therapist Assistant currently working in home health care. I grew up around animals mostly dogs and cats but have also had rabits, guinea pigs, fish, and turtles. My fur babies are my dog, Annie, and my cat, Bubs, both of which are 9 years old and fill my life with joy. Annie and I spend lots of time playing in our fenced-in yard and we love going on adventures including walking, hiking, and swimming. I have many years of experience pet sitting for friends and family and love all animals. I look forward to working with you and your pets.

Lorien, Pet Care Professional

Hi there! I was born in Bozeman and raised all over the West! Throughout my childhood travels, I've owned animals of all sorts - dogs, ponies, fish, birds, rabbits, chickens, and, of course, cats. Animals have always been a huge part of my life; keeping me company through all the changes in my life. I understand how difficult it can be to trust someone with your fur baby. However, I want to ensure you and your pet are as confident with me and the services I provide as possible. I promise to treat your pet as my own and take care of them the way you need. I look forward to meeting you and your pet!

Sophie, Pet Care Professional

Hi, I'm Sophie Wilson. I'm attending MSU and majoring in Psychology and minoring in Small Business and Entrepreneurship. I want to go into animal-assisted therapy once I graduate. I like to work with animals because they bring joy to my life. I have experience working for Rockey Mountain Puppy Rescue as well as house sitting. I am from Denver and love to ski!

Haley, Pet Care Professional

Hello! My name is Haley. I currently work at Stafford Animal Shelter in Livingston. At home, I have two beautiful pets, a dog named Charlie and a cat named Smig. I love working with animals because the love you give and receive from them is simply so rewarding. I have experience not only in a shelter environment, but at an animal hospital as well. I'm very familiar with special needs animals - behavior and medication wise. I look forward to getting to know you and your fur babies!

Mckenzie, Pet Care Professional

Hello, my name is Mckenzie! I'm a dog bather at a local groomer out in Belgrade, MT. I grew up on a small homestead in Montana and have had plenty of animals to hang out with from horses to hamsters and everything between. I have also volunteered at many shelters and clinics in the past. I have always taken the care and wellbeing of animals as a very important part of my life. So I promise your fur babies will be in great hands with me!

Shannon, Pet Care Professional

Hi! My name is Shannon, and I have had the pleasure of growing up around many animals. My family has owned two golden retrievers, an English cream retriever, and I recently bought my own toy Australian Shepherd! Animals have always been a part of my life, as my mom is a vet tech at Cottonwood Vet Hospital. Watching her work with animals inspired me to work with animals as well. While I am attending cosmetology school in the fall to become a hairstylist, I still love working with animals and plan to continue doing so in my free time. Being outdoors and exploring new places with furry companions is one of my favorite things to do.

Maggie, Pet Care Professional

Hi Everyone!! My name is Maggie and I was born and raised in Steamboat Springs, CO. I moved to Bozeman to attend MSU, recently graduated with my degree in Business Marketing, and am now IT Staffing Manager for a local firm. Being raised in a community surrounded by dogs and animals, I have always had the love and passion for animals and find so much joy and happiness being around dogs. I have many years of experience pet sitting and dog walking for friends and family. I spent a summer or two volunteering at my local animal shelter and have been eager to find more opportunities to spend time with animals as I don't have any of my own fur babies...yet! Trusting someone else to care for your pets is very nerve racking, but I promise to care, love, and treat yours as my own and I look forward to meeting you and your fur baby!