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Call us: 630.303.9339

Professional, reliable and loving.

With over 17 years in the pet care industry, you can trust that your pets are in good hands.

Meet Our Pet Care Providers

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My name is Alex. I've been an animal trainer for over ten years and an animal lover for over twenty! I have 2 dogs, 4 cats, 2 geckos, and a tortoise and have had the privilege of caring for many more wonderful pets including birds, llamas, goats, snakes, and ferrets as well as working with special needs, senior, and young animals still dependent on their mothers or human intervention. I look forward to providing your pets with all the love and affection you would give them while you're away!
Ask about having Alex as your next dogwalker or petsitter for services in Naperville !

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I'm an artist and singer that loves animals. I've been around them all my life. I've owned 3 dogs, 4 birds, a hamster and many fish.
I've been a pet sitter since 1999 and worked at a kennel as well as the Naperville Humane Society. I've watched over neighbors' animals since I was 12
Danielle does dog walking, cat sitting and pet care in Naperville, Lisle and Bolingbrook. As a dog walker she has received many great reviews.
From daily dog walking in Naperville to cat care- Danielle is awesome!

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Pet First Aid Certified.
Holly is a great cat sitter and cat care provider for Naperville, Lisle and Bolingbrook.
She gives a personal touch to every cat visit while you are vacation or just away for the day.
She has great reviews for clients for her pet visits!

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“Jessica has always enjoyed caring for animals and is ready to help more families find reliable pet sitters through Fetch! Pet Care. Aside from performing daily check-ups to feed and walk pets while owners were out of town, Jessica has also house-sat for longer durations of time for families with dogs, cats, fish, rodents and birds. Aside from loving being a dog walker she is a writer who enjoys yoga, hiking and traveling, and she is very excited to spend more of her time with friendly pets of the Naperville and Plainfield areas
Ask about her for your next dogwalking,cat care or pet care needs in Naperville and Plainfield!

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Hello everyone! My name is Katie I am a dog walker and pet sitter for Naperville and Plainfield areas. I have loved animals since I was a kid and have been working with many different animals from dogs and cats to giraffes and camels! I have been petsitting for the last couple of years and I absolutely love getting to know the personalities of all the animals I work with!
Ask about Katie as your next dogwalker or petcare provider in Naperville or Plainfield!

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Kim W loves dog walking and cat care in Bolingbrook and Naperville!
She has received many 10 star reviews for being a great dog walker, cat sitting and boarding. Kim knows how hard a kennel environment can be on she goes above and beyond during her in home boarding. From dog walking to dog boarding Kim has you covered!
Kim would love to be your next pet care sitter!

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Hi I'm Loren I am a dog walker and pet sitter for Naperville and Bolingbrook
All of my childhood I grew up with dogs, cats, ducks, parrots,
rabbits, fish, snakes, tarantulas and more. Growing up with
animals made me develop a deep appreciation and love for
them. I feel like I am able to form great connections with
animals, in particular with dogs and cats. My family likes to joke
around and call me the dog whisperer because of how well I get
along with them. I currently have two dogs, a Chihuahua named
Chiquita, and a French Poodle named Bebe. I believe animals
are very smart and give pure unconditional love to their
owners. I cannot imagine having a home without an animal in
it, and I know many other pet owners would agree with me. I
look forward to connecting with your pets and providing them
with the love, attention, and company they need while you are
away from home!

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Tabby does cat sitting and dog walking in Naperville and Lisle.
Hi! I'm Tabby and I love animals. I have had a variety of pets throughout my life including dogs, cats, cockatiels, hamsters, gerbils, fish, and guinea pigs. I currently have three fur-babies: a dog and two guinea pigs. I volunteered with a Labrador rescue organization for two years while stationed in San Diego. During that time, I worked with numerous dogs on obedience, exercised them, evaluated them for adoption, and transported and handled them during adoption events. I am looking forward to providing care for your pet and loving them like you do!
If you are looking for a dog walker or cat sitter she will go above and beyond!