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Our large network of professional, reliable and loving dog walkers and pet sitters are available to fulfill your pet's unique needs in the following neighborhoods: Brentwood, Franklin, Nashville, Thompsons Station


Aja is a loving pet sitter with tons of animal experience. She will come to your home for 1/2 hour pet visits or stay the night with your furry friend. Aja services the Nashville area, West End and surrounding areas.

We are lucky to have this wonderful person!


Angie is a loving caring pet sitter who absolutely loves animals. She has cared for some of the toughest dogs out there. Ones who have been abused and shy away from humans. She has the ability to bond with them and make instant friends with her loving caring persona. Loves dogs walks, cat visits, and just plain hanging out with your furry friends. I refer to her as the dog whisperer! Pet sitter, dog walker, cat lover extraordinaire.!


Serving Brentwood, Crieve Hall and Nashville. I will come to your home for pet visits. I love animals and children. I strive to live everyday in the spirit of St. Francis: Seeking to be an instrument of peace, honoring the connections between all living creatures. Dog walker, pet sitter extraordinaire


Brian has a great love of all animals ~ he will come to your home and spend the night with your furry family,will do pet visits and dog walks.
Brian covers the Cool Springs Area to Old Hickory Blvd. Brentwood
Brian will take your dogs for a great exercise excursion. Dog walker, pet sitter extraordinaire


Carla volunteers tirelessly fostering anywhere from 9-12 cats at her own home until she finds them forever homes. She is a wonderful mom of 3 and juggles her time quite well. I think she prefers pets to people some times. All the dogs in neighborhood love her as well. Carla will come to your home for daily pet visits. Dog walks, and lots of TLC. Typically Carla is always going over the 30 minute time frame to be with your pet when your are away. Rest assured your pets will be in great hands with Carla. Carla also administers sub-Cutaneous fluids and is very comfortable with all pets.


Carolyn is a wonderful, warm caring pet sitter. She has been around pets all her life and will come to your home for pet visits as well as spend the night with your furry family. Carolyn services the West Franklin and Brentwood areas. We are happy to call her Fetch Family.


Jane will come to your home for pet visits or have your furry family come stay at her home. She will spoil them rotten! She is a true animal lover and will take the best care of your furry family. Jane loves dog boarding in her home. Little dogs are her forte.


Janie will service Franklin, Brentwood and Thompsons Station. She prefers overnights at your home. She is a professional writer and you will be amused and delighted as we are by the daily texts you will receive from her. She owns two of her own dogs and has never met a dog that didn't fall in love with her. She handles a lot of special needs doggies and kitties who are paralyzed, bad hips and is fantastic with geriatric pets. We just don't know what we'd do without her love and skill set. Pet sitter, overnights in your home, dog walker. Pet sitter extraordinaire!


Joy works well with your pets. Kitties or doggies. She is very loving, responsible and puts you right at ease the first time you meet her. She also devotes her time to "Room at the Inn" helping those less fortunate to get them on the road to a better life. She is a real gem and we are lucky to call her part of our Fetch Family.


Serving the Brentwood area. Lisa will come to your home doing overnight visits, walks and private boarding in her home. She is an avid animal lover and will treat you pet like family. We are very lucky to have Lisa as part of our Fetch Family.


Mel is our wonder woman pet sitter. She has a great sense of "knowing" instinctively about your pet. She has one Female Lab named Sella who loves to have sleep overs. Mel loves cats too and recently just lost her two best kitty friends in the world. We all know how that feels when our friends move on to the rainbow bridge. Anyway, Mel is a fantastic pet sitter, has been with us from the beginning and is a godsend to us and all of God creatures. If you read our reviews on our homepage, you will see Mel's name come up time and time again with rave reviews. Once you and your pet met with her, you'll know why. We just love our Mel and don't know what we'd do without her. Pet sitter, dog walker extraordinaire.


We've got your tail covered! Mike does it all.
Doggie day care
Private boarding
Potty breaks
daily walks


SuSu is a loving professional that will come to your home for visits. She is absolutely wonderful with pets and will love them like family. Susu dog walks and pet sits in Brentwood and Franklin.


Toni is known by her friends as the Animal Angel. She has spent most of her life in pursuit of the care and love of animals. Toni volunteers for an animal rescue organization called Snooty Giggles. Snotty Giggles mission is to alleviate the pressures put upon area shelters and there euthanasia rates, by pulling dogs into the program and placing them in foster homes. Toni is a full-time Nashville artist and has lived in Nashville for over 20 years. She donates some of her art to raise funds for animals organizations.

Clients have said that when they come back from a trip, their animals seem more relaxed than they did when they left! Whenever animals meet Toni, there is an immediate mutual connection. She uses her kind, loving energy to ease any anxiety your animal may have while you are gone. You can be rest assured that your animals are in the best care possible when Toni is their caretaker.

Toni services the East Nashville,Lockeland Springs, Inglewood Shelby Hills areas.
Toni will come do visits at your home or stay overnight with your pet(s) to lessen the stress when there humans are away.

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