Meet the Fetch Pet Care Nashville Team

Meet Our Team

Browse the pictures and profiles of our professional, reliable, and loving pet sitting and dog walking team!

Aja, joined Fetch November 2015

Aja is a great pet sitter and dog walker with tons of animal experience. She will come to your home for pet visits or stay the night with your furry friend. Aja services the Downtown Nashville area, West End and surrounding areas. We are lucky to have this wonderful pet sitter and dog walker.

Angie, joined Fetch March 2009

Angie is a loving, caring pet sitter. She has cared for and done dog walks for the dogs who have been abused and shy away from humans. She has the ability to bond with them pets and make instant friends with her loving caring persona. Loves dogs walks, cat visits, and just plain hanging out with your furry friends. We have been blessed to have Angie as a pet sitter and dog walker for several years.Angie services the Gulch, Belmont and Vanderbilt areas of Nashville

Beth, joined Fetch June 2016

Beth is a professional pet sitter, as a vet tech, she works with animals all day - She is so loved by all her furry clients. She has a huge following and stays pretty busy. Beth will come to your home to do 1/2 hour visits with your furry babies. She'll make sure they are loved, fed, watered and more love.

Bette, joined Fetch September 2011

Bette will come to your home for pet visits. Bette has a true love animals and children. I strive to live everyday in the spirit of St. Francis: Seeking to be an instrument of peace, honoring the connections between all living creatures. We have been blessed to have Bette part of our pet sitting and dog walking team for many years. Bette goes beyond the call of duty for our clients

Brenda, joined Fetch March 2018

Brenda is a pet owner and love all animals! Pictured is our beloved Roscoe who is a 10 year old wired hair dachshund. I have worked with many animals and am comfortable dog walking, pet sitting, feeding, playing with and caring for your pets. Brenda is committed to providing the very best care and safety during my time with your pets. And of course giving them lots of love and compassion. Brenda enjoys coming to your home for pet visits, dog walks and pet sitting. Brenda also will do small dog boarding at her home

Carla, joined Fetch June 2009

Carla volunteers fostering anywhere from 9-12 cats at her own home finding them forever homes. She is a super mom of 3 and juggles her time quite well. I think she prefers pets to people at times. All the dogs in neighborhood love her as well. Carla will visit your home for daily pet visits, dog walks, and lots of TLC. Typically. Rest assured your pets will be in great hands with Carla. Carla also administers sub-Cutaneous fluids and is very comfortable with all pets. Carla is our cat whisperer! Pet visits, dog walks, cat and dog visits.

Carolyn, joined Fetch October 2015

Carolyn is a wonderful, warm caring pet sitter. She has been around pets all her life and will come to your home for pet visits as well as spend the night with your furry family. We are happy to call her part of our Fetch Family!

David, joined Fetch July 2019

David has always been an animal lover. Here he is with his cute little pup Emma. David enjoys coming to your home for 1/2 hour pet visits or dog walks. He also can spend a 12 hour shift in your home so that your pet(s) will have a companion at night. David is detailed oriented and you will know by the first communication with him. David enjoys nature and is a photography enthusiast as well. He comes to you with life experience and we are so grateful to have him onboard. He will spoil your pets rotten!

Vet Tech

Debby, joined Fetch June 2018

Debby has been an animal lover all her life, beginning with her first pet, a pied cockatiel, from her first family dog, and now her three cats, Zoe, Lucky and Tom. After leaving her career in the Education field, Debby began to pursue her passion working with and caring for animals. Debbie has worked professionally in the animal field. She has a warm and compassionate heart and loves the time she spends with the dog walks and cats in her care.

A True Gem

Fran, Joined Fetch April 2017

Fran comes to you and your pets with many years of experience, love and true compassion for your pet(s). Fran will do 1/2 hour cat visits and dog walks and treat your pet(s) like family. Fran is an amazing person with highest regard to detail and care. All her clients love her. But more importantly her furry clients approve. Fran services the Green Hills, Vanderbilt, Forest Hills and West End area and some of Bellevue

Boarding is her specialty in her lovely home

Jane, Joined Fetch April 2013

Jane does a lot of Private Boarding in her home. She will spoil them rotten! She is a true animal lover and will take the best care of your furry family. Little dogs are her forte. Jane services the downtown Nashville area along with most of West Nashville all the way to Bellevue

we need 17 Janies

Janie, Joined Fetch July 2010

Janie is truly a dog person! She has had many rescue's and is always willing to care for all creatures great and small. If Janie can't handle your dog then nobody can. A true free spirit a.k.a. "the dog whisperer." Janie does overnight pet sitting in your home, pet visits and dog walks Janie is a gem, We wish we could clone her.

Dog Trainer/pet sitter

John, Joined Fetch March 2017

John is a lifelong animal lover that is very experienced in pet sitting and dog walking. He's also certified dog trainer that gives lessons in basic obedience lessons and treating unwanted behaviors at the client's home. John can do the most difficult dog walking assignments with his dog training experience. John services Downtown Nashville, the Gulch, West End and the Vanderbilt and Centennial park area.

Laurie, Joined Fetch Nov. 2020

Laurie is well established in the pet care world. Laurie began her professional life as a teacher, but after several summers of employment in pet care and pet nutrition she decided it was time to take a very exciting leap into full time dog walking and pet sitting! With this, she has found her true place in the professional world!

Mark, Joined Fetch May, 2009

Mark has been part of our pet sitting team since 2009. He is the kindest gentlest soul I have ever met.. Mark enjoys overnight stays at your home for the dog that doesn't do well in a kennel environment and is comfortable at home. Mark will also do dog walks at your home and kitty visits. You will have peace of mind knowing Mark is caring for your pets.

Mel, Joined Fetch March, 2009

Mel is our wonder woman pet sitter. She has a great sense of "knowing" instinctively about your pet. She has one Female Lab named Sella who loves to have sleep overs. Mel loves cat sitting and dog walks too. Mel recently just lost her two best kitty friends in the world. We all know how that feels when our friends move on to the rainbow bridge. Anyway, Mel is a fantastic pet sitter and dog walker and has been such an asset to the Fetch! team since starting back in March 2009 and is a godsend to us and all of God creatures. Once you and your pets meet with her you'll know why. We just love our Mel and don't know what we'd do without her. Pet sitter, dog walker extraordinaire. Mel services the West Side of Nashville, Belle Meade, Sylvan Park and Downtown Nashville areas

Stephanie, Joined Fetch Jan. 2016

Stephanie is a extraordinary loving pet sitting professional that will come to your home for pet visits. She is very active and ready to take your dog(s) for a walk, run or even a hike! She most recently owned a dog who lived until the age of 17, so caring for senior dogs is something she is familiar with. Stephanie services the Green Hill,Vanderbilt, Downtown Nashville and Bellevue areas.

Suzanne, Joined Fetch June 2016

We have been blessed to have Suzanne on our Fetch! team. Suzanne comes with a wonderful spirit and knowledge base for all living creatures great and small. Suzanne will come to your home for dog walks and cat sitting. Suzanne does a lot of Private Boarding. She has one dog named Murray who loves these sleep overs as well. Murray thinks that his new friends are there just for him. Suzanne does our drop in dog and cat sitting in the Bellevue area of Nashville and has clients that travel much further for her Dog Boarding service.. She is loving and caring and will treat your pup like her own.


Libby and these are her two dogs, Max (the Goldendoodle) and Sophie, (Golden Retriever ). I am an animal lover at heart!! I have owned dogs and cats since I was 9 years old and taken care of neighbors and friends pets all of my adult life. Through my adult life my husband and I have owned several horses as well. We have had several pets live long lives, so I am very familiar with the needs of older animals as well as the young ones!! I have trained two dogs to become Certified Therapy dogs, one who is still active in Therapy work. I can give all of your animals the care and attention they might need through any stage of their life.


I’m a full time animal lover. I have two dogs, Millie the Old English Bulldog and Milo the rescue chihuahua. A little piece of my heart stays with every pet I meet. I will treat your fur baby as if it’s my own in the time we hang together! I live in the Green Hills area and look forward to meeting and taking care of the pet care needs of my neighbors.


Dan has always been an animal lover. In his childhood, he was practically raised by a golden retriever named Buffy. After working in schools for 10 years, he transitioned to working with animals. He dreams to one day open an animal sanctuary to pay back all the love and therapy he's received from his furry friends.


Max was a stray puppyI found on the side of the road when he was 8 months old. He taught me that animals are communicating with us all the time, we just need to pay attention and learn their language. I’ve loved working with all the animals for the last 20 years because of Max. I miss him everyday


I view animals as wonderful souls that we are so blessed to have in our lives. Their unconditional love and presence brings so much joy and comfort to everyone around them. I'm dedicated to giving them the best care and nurturing them just as Ido my own pets. I am looking forward to meeting your wonderful four legged family members.

Steve T.

Steve has had a life-long love for pets. Steve's childhood dog came to the family on a camping trip in the mountains of California. No one came forward to claim him, so he became the first of many family pets throughout the years. After retiring in 2021, Steve now has time to devote to helping families provide love and care for their pets when away from home.


Spending time with your pets is a welcome change from decades in corporate America. I thrive on all things fuzzy! Taking your dog out for a spin around the neighborhood, or reassuring your feline queen that she is still number one is a win for me as well as them.

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