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Our large network of professional, reliable and loving dog walkers and pet sitters are available to fulfill your pet's unique needs in the following neighborhoods: Blacklick, Columbus, Dublin, Lewis Center, New Albany, Powell, Reynoldsburg, Westerville


Anna also works at a Vet Clinic as Veterinary Assistant and Kennel Technician. She has training experience and is also on a therapy dog team. She is very passionate about animals and believes it is important to help put pet lover's minds at ease while they are away from their furry friends by providing honest loving care.


Becky has been a volunteer at the Delaware County Humane Society for several years. She also has two dogs, five cats, and a turtle. Becky is passionate about animals, and is interested in completing a Veterinarian Technician Program at one of our local colleges.


I've had, and cared for, pets my whole life. There's nothing better than the unconditional love of a furry friend. I began my relationship with Fetch! Pet Care in early 2007. It's a great organization with which to be associated. From a pet sitter's standpoint, we receive lots of guidance and training, are insured by the company, and get paid for playing with pets. How great is that! And I really appreciate Fetch's standards of professionalism and excellence.


Cheryl has been a pet owner, including dogs, cats and horses, since she was a child. Sl has also cared for dogs, cats and horses for friends and friends of friends. Cheryl enjoys working independently, interacting with others' pets to provide them with the love and care they need. Jessica has also completed Basic Pet Care training.


Dianne Garrett started pet sitting for friends and neighbors at about ten years old. She has had five dogs, five cats, two rabbits, goldfish and turtles over her lifetime. She has always had a special connection with animals. After many years working for corporate America, Dianne enjoys caring for and playing with animals. She has also worked in child care, radio, and is a freelance writer. Dianne and husband, Jack, share their New Albany home with Freddie, a Corgi-Sheltie and Kinja, a senior female cat.


Kathy is one of our more experienced pet sitters. Being the daughter of a veterinarian, Kathy came to Fetch! Pet Care with a solid background in caring for others‘ pets. She has owned, and been around, dogs and cats her entire life. She has also managed her own pet sitting business for friends. Kathy is able to administer medications and provide subcutaneous shots. Kathy is one of our most experienced and trusted sitters.


Maggie is a long time cat and dog lover. She has a cat which is her constant companion. She comes to Fetch! with lots of love for all furry kids and time to spend with them.


Robert (and family) has owned dogs his entire life, most recently a Chocolate Lsb. He has also cared for friends' and neighbors' dogs.


Sandra adopted her first dog several years ago. She has also cared for her neighbors dogs, Sandra has discovered a true love of dogs.


Sheri loves dogs and is very knowledgable about their habits and quirks. She currently has 4 of her own, one is a rescue. She likes to exercise and walking dogs fits right into her liking.


You might say that Sheryl has a life long background in pet care since her mother worked for the Ohio State University School of Veterinary Medicine. Sheryl has been around, and owned, dogs her entire life. She has taken obedience training classes with many of her dogs. Sheryl has studied obedience training and other dog related issues. She has provided professional care for her dogs when they were very ill, including cancer. Sheryl has also cared for cats over the years.


Like all our Fetch! sitters, Tara has experience raising and caring for her own pets. Tara and her family has a German Shepherd mix, as well as a turtle and a rabbit. Her Love of animals is also demonstrated by her interest in becoming a Veterinarian Technician.

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